David as Jim Thorpe

David as Jim Thorpe, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

So, the 4th graders did this Hero report thing. The teachers all put many many hero’s into a hat, and the students drew a name and had to research their hero. David drew Jim Thorpe. I’ll leave it to anyone who’s interested to google him and research him for yourself.

David had so much fun figuring out how to dress. Because, after they turned in their reports, they got to do a wax museum. Each student wrote out a snipet of their report that they could either memorize or read aloud, going over the basics of their hero. They were encouraged to dress the part. All the 4th graders lined the gym, and each one had a piece of paper taped to the floor in front of them, with a button drawn on it. You were supposed to go up to the student, press their button, and they would recite or read their thing. It really was very cute.

Without going into a ton of details here, Jim Thorpe was a bit of an athlete. Running, baseball, football, etc, etc. We found in the closet a unitard thing that Steve bought to do a triathalon in. He didn’t, but it fit David surprisingly well. He wore his soccer shorts to make it look more authentic to the time period. He also wore his soccer shoes because they look a little like the shoes from then as well, at least compared to his regular tennies. Then he added some of his soccer and fair medals and ribbons, to represent the Olympic medals. And we hunted around until we found the baseball mitt and the mini football. The only thing missing was something to represent the Indian heritage of Jim Thorpe. The only thing either one of us could come up with was to stick a feather behind his ear or something, and we didn’t have a feather. We sort of gave up on it for a little while, then David came running into my room.

“Mom, would this work?” He was holding a suede pouch that he had bought a while back over at Missouri Town. It was perfect. I knew I had some yarn in my stash that I could chain a belt with, but David had a better idea. He had some of my leftover alpaca, from that shawl, and even though it’s not done, I had given him the leftover from the first half. He chained a belt, and looped it through the pouch, then went and found this dreamcatcher key chain that the ring had broken off of, and threaded that through as well. There were feathers hanging from the dream catcher, and together with the suede pouch, it looked just right.


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