Blue Jeans socks finished!

Blue Jeans socks finished, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

Yay! See, I can actually finish things. Sometimes.

Cut it a little close though. This was laceweight yarn, and I just didn’t think it wanted to ne a shawl. The color, named Blue Jeans, matched my jeans perfectly, and I just knew it had to be socks. But, I wasnt’ sure how laceweight would hold up to sock knitting, and the smallest needles I have right now are 1’s. I didn’t think that would work. Plus, I had like 440 yards. I know I only need like 200 or so yards to make a nice pair of anklets, so, I thought, if I double the yarn, that’ll make 220 yards, and that’s enough. So, instead of my normal dividing the yarn in half by unwinding it all over my bed, I actually had to do it twice. Cause once to find the haflway poing, then again to wind them up into 2 balls using both ends. I did it so that the middle of the yarn of each ball was on the outside, and didn’t cut it, so that loop was the first stitch I pulled through my crochet cast on for the short row toe.  So then when I finished the sock, I had the 2 ends poking out.  On the first one, there was about 12-18 inches.  On the second one, I actually ran out on the bind off row, and I didn’t want to frog that back, so I tied the 2 ends on from the other sock, and finished it up that way.  Sure, a couple more ends to weave in, but that was quick work with my teeny crochet hook.  I just did in in the pack side of the purls on the ribbing.  I literally had inches left.  I should have taken a picture.

Then, I thought, those little balls don’t look very big, I hope there’s enough there, so I decided to make up a little yo pattern to hopefully make the yarn stretch a little, and it worked beautifully. The pattern, if anyone’s interested, is down several posts, on one called “Lost my sock mojo, Found a sock pattern”.

Cool thing, I had done a few gusset increases before the heel part, and then didn’t decrease them all the way back to the starting number before doing the rib part. And the yarn striped! Even double stranded. I just love them. I wore them last night to Russell’s soccer party at Zonkers, which I survived, thanks for asking.

I made the team a big toll house pan cookie, but with those teeny baking m & m’s instead of chocolate chips. They’re cuter. Then, I dug out my Wilton box, and painted the inside of the frosting tube thing with some burgandy dye, and plopped in the frosting, and piped on Go Dragons, with some swirlies and stars and whatever else I could think of to use up all the frosting I put in there. Didn’t think to get a picture, but then again, it’s not one of my better works.

Now, I’m off to hun down hat patterns on Ravelry. I started a new Grandpa 60 hat, and with all the ribbing I’ve been doing on my socks (don’t ask how many pairs right now), I’m looking for something to add to it. I’ll probably end up making something up, adding a cable in there every once in a while or something.


1 Response to “Blue Jeans socks finished!”

  1. 1 Janet June 1, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Those socks are super cute. You must wear them with shoes that will show them off.

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