This is just how crazy I am

So, hubby calls me on Friday, I think, to say that there’s some benefit dinner thing next Saturday, and there were 2 free tickets available if I wanted to go.  My first question was “How dressy is it?”  He says, “Well, I think it might be a bit dressy; there’s a dinner and a silent auction, and dancing and stuff.”  I immediately start mentally going through my closet to think if I have anything that dressy.

You see, I’m a total jeans and t-shirt girl.  Or sweats.  Or a sweatshirt.  I’m not a dressy kind of girl.  The closest I get to dressing up is for church, and that’s either my black jeans and a nice shirt, or my khaki capri’s and a nice shirt, or more recently, my new pair of khaki pants and, you guessed it, a nice shirt.  By nice shirt, I mean a t-shirt that doesn’t have stains on it, or something printed on it, or sometimes I go back into some of the separates back from when I used to go to work, and wear one of those shirts.  Fashion person I am not.

I think and I think, and finally I remember that I have a black velvet skirt that I can wear.  I’ll have to buy some pantyhose though.  Then I wonder if I have any nice shirt I can wear with it.  No, not a church type one.  I think of that angora sweater I’m working on, and wonder, out loud, if I can finish it by Saturday.  Steve asks, how far along are you?

Well, I have one sleeve almost done, but I stopped and put the stitches on a holder to do the other sleeve, which I will do to that same point.  Then when they’re both at that point, which is the point at which I will have used exactly 2 balls on each sleeve, I will arrange them on the bed so that I can figure out how to pick up the stitches around the bottom of the sleeves for the waist part.  Then I’ll knit that in that cream stuff I got at the Knitwit sale, then change to the angora again and do K2 P2 ribbing until I think it’s long enough.  Then, I can go back to the sleeves.  I’ll take what’s left, and divide it in half, and do the sleeves with each half.

So, again, he asks, how much do I have done?

Well, the one sleeve is at the stopping point.  The other sleeve is just barely started.  But I’m past the seed stitch part.

He asks, “and you  really think you  would be able to finish this by Saturday?”

And the sad thing is, for a minute, I thought about it.  Like there exists somewhere in my immediate vicinity a special knitting time warp that would allow me to finish that sweater in a week.  And take care of the 3 boys, stuff like bathing and eating.  And take care of the house, like laundry and dishes and cleaning.  Oh, and sleeping.  Like maybe if I can just do some of those things faster, it’ll actually allow me to finish the sweater.

I really thought about it.  I thought, maybe if I don’t work on anything else for the week.  Maybe if I ease back on the laundry a bit.  You know, David and Patrick can fix their own lunch, and they can help Russell fix his.  Then I’d only have to do dinner.  Do I really need to vacuum this week?  Maybe I can not sleep as much…

I thought about it.  Then I decided.  There’s no way, aside from literally knitting non-stop for seriously 60 hours at least, that I could finish it.

Then, Steve finds out that the dress code is business casual.  Know what that means?  What I usually wear to church.

So, I’m wearing a nice sweater that I bought at the Amana Colonies last year with my khaki pants.  And I’m knitting a new pair of socks to go with it.

Cause I can totally finish a pair of socks in a week, right?

Well, less actually, since I spent yesterday deciding which sock yarn to use (hubby helped me pick the one that goes with my pearls), and last night tooling Ravelry for sock patterns only to pick out this morning one that I did already, but I’m doing it a little different.  Of course.  Cause I wouldn’t want to make it easier on my by doing something basic like stockinette.  I’m doing a twisted rib, but I’m only twisting it every 4th row instead of every other row.  Looks pretty so far.  I’m done with the first toe, and up to about row 15 after the toe.  I’ll start the heel on row 56, to give you an idea.  Then, they’ll probably have around 30 rows of ribbing at the ankle part.

Just some easy short socks.  I can totally do this, right?


1 Response to “This is just how crazy I am”

  1. 1 Renee June 2, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Of course you can! You may even have some you’ve knit already that match up. Or just pick a really nice pair of sandals, and you won’t have to worry about socks at all.

    At least you don’t have to finish the sweater over the next few days.

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