What a great evening!

Last night was our knitting night, and wow, was it ever fun. We had a new lady join us, and I think we may not have scared her off! It looked like she really enjoyed herself, and I sure hope she comes back.

Last night also was the kick-off of the Summer of Socks, which is a KAL I signed up for, and as of right now, have done nothing on. It’s a KAL where you just knit socks, any socks, there are very few rules, mostly that the socks can’t be teeny toe warmers, that they have to be real socks, there has to be a pair. There are several little contests/raffles along the way. I think there’s a weekly one, and there’s a most socks knitted one, among others. I do have some yarn pre-wound and divided in half,and some free needles waiting, but I just didn’t feel like starting something last night.

Why? Because I was so excited that I started the waist band part of my Stargazer. I took a picture, but it’s on the other computer and I haven’t loaded it up onto flickr yet, which means I can’t post it here yet. It really looks quite cool. I figured my gauge, cause this was new yarn, not the angora, and I wanted the underbust/waistband part to be a little fitting without being tight, and I spent several minutes trying on different shirts to see if any of them were about right so I could get a measurement. I finally did, and then figured out how many stitches I’d need to pick up to get to that measurement. Then I had to figure how far I wanted the arm/top things to overlap in front and spent a lot of time with a tape measure and a pad of paper and a pencil and lots and lots of safety pins. I finally got it all pinned out and picked up and everything. I even made sure I picked up an even number of stitches so I could do the seed stitch easier. I got about 2/3 of the way done with the second row when I found a mistake on the first row. I had done 2 knits in a row. I couldn’t figure out how I could have done something wrong, when I know I ended up on the right stitch, so I kept looking, and there, several stitches later, there was another 2 knits in a row. So, I thought, undo each stitch as I come to it and re do it the other way, ie, changing each knit into a purl and each purl into a knit, or undo the whole thing back to the first mistake.

I’ve tried the undo each one and re-do it before. It sounds easier and faster, but in my experience, it’s not. So, only 2 rows into my waistband thing, I’m frogging. Wheeee. But, it is fixed now, and I’m 10 or so rows into it with no problems that I’ve seen.

The ladies at my knitting night seem to think that I should try some socks for that Cascade thing at the fair. I’m still unsure. I love socks, and I think I do do them pretty well, but I just don’t know if socks are considered all that when it comes to the fair. I guess I’m just afraid that I’ll get my hopes up and then some stupendous knitter will come in there with an afghan and some other one with a fair isle sweater and kick my socks on their behinds. I have to look and see if I can enter more than one item in that class. If I can enter a few pairs of socks, or maybe a nice hat/scarf combo thing, I’ll feel better about my chances.

That’s all for now. Today is cleaning out the car day, because on Friday…we’re off to Colorado to see Grandma! She’s usually in FL, but is visiting most of hubby’s sisters out there for a few months. We thought, hey, if we can drive for one day to see her, it’s way better than driving for 2. Don’t even suggest flying. Remember Hawaii? Yeah…there won’t be any flying in my future for quite a while.


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