Getting ready

So, no pictures today, but yesterday sure was interesting.

I finally gave up the fight, and started some Monkey’s. But I’m doing the no-purl ones. I had started the normal ones a while back, and was getting nasty ladders between the needles whenever I’d have to start off a needle with a purl. It may have been my inexperience, but I didn’t want to repeat it. Perhaps after I finish these, I’ll give them another go. I’m using the last skein of my first “real” sock yarn purchase. It’s Sock Garden, from Knitpicks, but I bought it off of e-bay a few years ago. Unfortunately, Knitpicks doesn’t sell Sock Garden anymore, but if you ever see any, snatch it up and if you don’t like it, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands. The color is called Star-Gazer Lily, and it’s a not-quite striping, a little more than variegated between a beautiful dark pink, an almost baby pink, and a really pretty yellow. If you go hunting down in my previous posts, you’ll see the socks I made for the fair a while back, they’re the Broadripple socks, and it’s that same yarn. And now the rest of it is going to be Monkeys. They’re going to be part of my Summer of Socks KAL.

The other ones I’m working on are an adaptation of a candy cane pattern I found on Ravelry. Excuse me a minute, I have to sunscreen my boys…Ok, I’m back now. Anyway the candy cane ones are in my go-to sock yarn, Palette, also, oddly, from Knitpicks.

The getting ready part? That was mostly yesterday, but is on-going until Friday. I had the boys do their activity boxes for the drive over to Denver. See, I’m old-fashioned, and we don’t (insert gasp here) have a dvd player in our minivan. We have windows. If they want to watch tv, they can do that at home. To avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question, we pack activities. Remember those tomato boxes? They come in handy for this as well, since they fit perfectly in between the 2 car seats. We put Patrick and Russell in the back seat, with a box between them to share. David sits in the middle, usually with the other middle seat folded down so we have room for the cooler. They pack up some books to look at, crayons, etch-a-sketch, magna-doodle, little car games and toys, and they’re good to go.

I think I just about have a handle on what “activities” I’m bringing. I have to bring the angora Stargazer, because it was at Grandma’s insistence that my sister in law got me so much, and I want to show her what I’m doing with it. Then there’s the socks. And I may go ahead and divide up and re-wind up another ball or two, wait a minute, I think I already have some Palette divided up, it’s a blue color. Note to self, go look for that. I may bring the alpaca shawl as well, just in case the mountainous air gets chilly at night. In June. Yeah, it could happen, right?


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