Denver Yarn Haul part 2, aka The Goods

OK, so laundry’s in for now, and before I go out to hang it on the line outside, here’s what I got.

1 hank of Alpaca with a Twist Fino, 70% baby alpaca 30% silk in Rose Petal. 875 yards of a pretty dusty rose laceweight with a nice sheen due to the silk.

1 hank of Misty Alpaca, 100% baby alpaca in Bloodlines. That’s rather a descriptive name, don’t you think? It’s also a laceweight, 874 yards, and the color is variegated in fallish tones. Think a walk through the forest in autumn, reds, oranges, browns, mossy green. It’s really really pretty.

2 hanks of Colinette mohair, 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon in a teal green color. Having never worked with mohair before, and due to aforementioned $400 budget, I thought, what the heck? When else will I ever be able to afford this stuff? 207 meters each, someone can translate that into yards for me later.

4 hanks of Noro Kochoran in a purple-ish color. This stuff is amazing. It’s 50% wool, 30% angora, and 20% silk. Again, when am I ever going to be able to afford that? Pretty much never.

OK, I saved the local stuff for last…3 hanks of sock yarn, Mountain Feat, dyed by a local company called Lonesome Stone. They’re all 100% superwash merino, and 450 yards. The colors I chose are Old Blue Eyes, which to me looks more like shades of purple, Forever Evergreen, shades of, duh, green, and Glacier’s Edge, which reminds me of irises. It’s white, green, and purple, with a little bit of gray.

I have never spent that much $ so quickly before. I also got 2 books, the Yarn Harlot’s new one, which is very much funny, and a Harmony Guide to Eyelets and Lace.

So, as I was saying, about the bawling, I’ve never had someone who’s not a knitter/crocheter show so much interest in my stuff. Or have someone ask me if I could please make them one too. That they really really want it. I was already in shock that the sisters actually wanted stuff I make, then Grandma offering to pay me for it. It was just too much.

So, we go in the yarn shop so I can get some local stuff, and I walk out of there over an hour later with about $300 in books and yarns. I just couldn’t spend all $400. I need to mull over stuff and ponder and wait until I know I’m getting the best deal and all that. But, I’m happy with what she helped me choose. And the shop, the Lamb Shoppe? It’s wonderful. There’s a bucket of toys in the back for the kids. Need I say more? It’s very roomy and spacious, and there’s 2 big tables in front for sitting and looking over the books or sitting and knitting, and there’s a big sign in the front window saying that they’re a crochet-friendly shop. There’s another big table in back, and the lady offered to wind up my purchases on her ball winder before we left. Since it all happened so fast, I declined her kind offer. We had to still drive back to KS and it was already past noon. Plus, as I told her, I need to squish and love on and cuddle with all this stuff for a while first.

If you’re ever in Denver, try to stop at the Lamb Shoppe. It’s really really a nice shop.


1 Response to “Denver Yarn Haul part 2, aka The Goods”

  1. 1 Meredith July 13, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    The Mountain Feat yarn looks absolutely gorgeous! I especially like the dark blue skein (it must be Old Blue Eyes).

    One of my best friends is getting married in about a month in Littleton, near Denver. I’ll be out there for a couple of days, and I’m thinking I might have to go by Lamb Shoppe, if I can swing it.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip and scored some great yarn! It’s always wonderful to have people who appreciate your knitting, and even better when they’re enablers, too. Perhaps best of all (also a little dangerous, though), is being related to enablers. My mom, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I all knit, so there’s a lot of fiber interest.

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