Denver Yarn Haul

Denver Yarn Haul, originally uploaded by YarnDork.

OK, here it is. But there’s a story here.

My hubby’s mother is an enabler of the best kind. She got me hooked on gemstones and now she’s assisting in the whole yarn thing.

We drove over to Denver to see her, as she was staying there helping one of her daughters out for a few months. We got to see a good chuck of my hubby’s older sisters as well. On Saturday, or maybe it was Sunday, now that I think about it, on sister wanted to drive us up to Ested Park and go to this rock shop she knew of up there. It was fantastic. My oldest son loves rocks, and the younger 2 are starting to get into it as well. Grandma gave them each $5 to spend, even though they had brought their own money that they had been saving for that occasion. I actually got some rutilated quartz in the rough, which hubby helped me pick out and it’s very pretty.

After we finished in there, we went outside and saw a little cafe place next to this pond, and thought it’d make a good place to eat lunch. So, the kids ran around the pond, scaring the ducks, while we ate. Afterwards, hubby saw one of those gondola things that you can ride up the mountain, and thought he’d take the boys on a ride. I didn’t want to go, but didn’t want to let him watch all 3 boys up there by himself. Then, one of the sister’s hubby said he’d go. Yay! Now, it was just me and Grandma, and 3 sisters and the one sister’s roommate. Finally, instead of being surrounded by boys, I was surrounded by ladies.

We sat there talking about different things, and Grandma mentioned a scarf that I had made the youngest sister for Christmas (it’s a ruffled boa, see my projects on Ravelry if you must), and she wondered why I hadn’t made her one. I was thinking, well, it’s because you live in FL. But, instead of saying that, I offered to make her one if she really liked it. Apparently, she did. She kept talking to the other sisters about how beautiful it was and luxurious and stuff like that, and I was thinking the entire time about how it took me about 2 to 3 hours to make. Lion Brand Chenille, bought on sale, and some eyelash yarn from my stash. Then the sisters were all saying they wanted one too. I thought some of them just weren’t maybe the ruffled boa type, and explained it, and they agreed that maybe something else would be more appropriate. I wouldn’t want to spend my time making something that they wouldn’t ever wear. So, after much haggling and explaining about yarns and weights and lighter stuff and warmer bulkier stuff and writing things down, Grandma made an announcement.

She said, “For Christmas this year, I am giving all of you girls $1000 to spend on yarn. Not each, but total. You each, and you both too (pointing to me and the roommate, honorary sisters as we are, I guess), get $200 to pick out what kind of yarn you want, alpaca, chenille, wool, whatever, and pick out your patterns, and send it all to Kathy (that’s me) and she’ll knit it all up.” I was literally in tears. Then she added that she’d be giving me an extra $200 for my labor. That did it.

I couldn’t believe that I was getting to play with all this new stuff, and then going to get paid for it, probably in more yarn. I would have been more than willing to knit them their stuff. I was even going to dive into my stash for it. Then I guess Grandma started thinking that with all these requests that I might not have enough yarn to handle them.

I told the sisters about some local yarn shops there in Denver that I had read about on Ravelry, and about and WEBS. So, I don’t know yet when they’ll get their stuff together.

We were leaving the next morning, and I really wanted to try to stop at a shop called The Lamb Shoppe. So, we went over to say goodbye to Grandma and asked if she wanted to come along. My plan was to see if they had anything local, as some Denver souvenier yarn. Sure enough, I found some. I forget now the name, but it was sock yarn, around $27 I think for 450 or so yards, and I was trying to decide which one of 2 colors to get. I brought them over to hubby and Grandma to help me decide, and she said to get them both, and I was going to be spending that $400 right then!

More later, I have to bring in the bag of stuff so I can list out what I have.  Plus, I’m still catching up on laundry.  I don’t think hubby did any the entire time I was in IL!!!!


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