I don’t like my Monkeys

Ok, let me explain.  I love love love the pattern.  I love even more the yarn.  What I don’t like is how short my socks turned out.  I had one skein of that Sock Garden left, and part of another skein.  Being the cheap-a** that I am, I am using the part for something else, that I think also isn’t working out, and divided the whole skein in half for my normal toe-up socks.  I think what I’m going to do is to frog the part skein thing, and add onto the monkey’s.  Know what?  This is cool.  I was trying to figure out, when I got near the end of the ball, if I had enough for one more pattern repeat and still have enough to do at least 8 rows of ribbing.  I really like 12 or 16 rows, but I was willing to go down as far as 8 if I had to.  I hate stopping in the middle of a pattern.  So, I had already done about 2 or 3 rows into the pattern before I stopped myself.  Know that feeling?  Where you say, I know if I just keep going, the knitting gods are going to bite me in the you know what, and I’ll run out of yarn into row 5 of the ribbing or something.  Or, if I just frog the pattern so far, and go ahead and start on the ribbing, then I’ll have about 35 rows of ribbing.

So, without locating my measuring tape, here’s where my intelligence and ingenuity will amaze you.  You may want to sit down for this.

I measured, using my normal finger-tip to opposite shoulder as a basic.  I got 10 whole ones, and one where it only went from the fingers to just past my elbow.  Then I knit one entire row.  Then I re-measured.  This time I got 9 whole ones, and from the fingers to the middle of my neck.  Then I went to get the measuring tape.  I know, because I’m cool, that from my fingertips to that opposite shoulder, it’s 36 inches.  So, I measured to the elbow and to the neck, and multiplied and added to get both the total before the row and after.  Turns out it took like 25 inches to do the row.  Then I took what I had left, the 9 whole plus the neck part (I forgot the #, just go with me here), and divided that by 25 to see how many rows I’d have room for.  It was like 14!  Minus my 8 ribbing, that left more than enough to finish off the pattern!

I know, I know.  Can’t make this stuff up.  Wait until you hear what I did with the Stargazer.  Again, you’ll have to sit down for that one.


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