New sock alert

So, while I try to decide exactly what to do with those monkeys, I started a new sock. I had to. I’ve had this yarn since Mother’s Day; it was a present from my sister, and I’ve held back as long as I could. It’s that new Felici from Knitpicks, and man is it ever soft. I worked with some before, the old colors, and I used a size 2, and looking back, it’s a teensy bit loose on the stitching. So, when we were at Hobby Lobby I had a coupon for 40% off one thing, and I picked up an extra set of size 1’s.

So, I decided on Jaywalkers, and it took a while to figure out which size to use, and I still wanted to do the toe up ones. I started right in, and did the pattern, and then figured out that I had forgotten to slip the stitches on the side like it tells you to. So, I frogged back a few rows and fixed it. Then knit back up and realized that I was doing the increase part on the sides, and there shouldn’t be any slipped stitches there, they were supposed to mimic the double decrease. So, I frogged back again, and removed the slipped stitches, and knit back up again. Then, I thought, maybe there’s supposed to be double decreases there, and since I’m not following the instructions exactly, by doing them toe up, maybe that’s what messed me up. According to the pattern, you’re supposed to be starting the row at the back of the foot. Which, by following the pattern, makes the decreases at the side of the foot. I thought for a while if I wanted to frog it back again, then decided to.

I figured out what to do, and did it, including the slipping of stitches on the sides, and still didn’t like the Kf&b twice. Then I remembered the increases for that corset top by Annie Modesitt, and wondered if that’d work. Sure it’d be lacy, a little, but maybe that’d be ok. Then I thought, no, I’ll keep it solid, and do the YO, K1, YO, then on the next row, knit into the back loop of the YO’s to close it up. I did that for a few rows and decided I didn’t like that either. So, frog again, I did, and now I’m doing my Lacy Jaywalkers. So there.

Remember that Stargazer? I finished the white-ish band part up in IL, finally, and got ready to start in on the bottom ribbing part. Get ready for this one. You’ll be amazed.

I remembered, not counted, but remembered that I had 101 stitches around on that waistband. I remembered that I needed an odd # because I was doing seed stitch, and I didn’t want to have to think about changing at the end of every round. I took that part of the ribbing that I had started on before that was too big (!!!!), and went and tried it on with some safety pins. I put in 2 pins at the places where I folded it in to fit correctly. Then I counted the stitches between to see how many I needed to have to start with at the bottom of the waistband. I counted 198, and since I needed a multiple of 4, I rounded up to 200. I knew I’d be increasing somewhere along the line, to make it more of an A-line thing. So, again, remembering that I was starting with 101, and I needed to get up to 200, I quickly figured out that I needed to do a Kf&b all the way around. Easy, right?

Then, I remembered that I wanted to mark the side parts, so when I did the increases, they would be along what would be the side seam, if there was one. So, 200 stitches, starting from the back center, would give me 50 stitches until the side, right? I just started right in, and when I reached what I thought was about the side part, I started counting. I got to 50 way too soon. Like just a few inches in from the center. What the heck did I do?

I frogged back very carefully, and thought.

Perhaps, I thought, I wasn’t starting with 101 stitches as I remembered. I counted. There were 201.


Now I was facing an even bigger dilemma. Now how do I plan my increases to get up to where I needed? I was done for the day. But, I continued to mull it over. Would I have to do sort of a Kf&b, K1, Kf&b, K2 and alternate that around? Or space them out even more? I just didn’t know. I’d have to sit down with a pencil and paper and figure out a nice even way to do the increases.

Yes, some of you have figured this out, haven’t you? How the heck do I plan the increases evenly spaced around the waistband, starting with 201 and making sure I end up with 200?


When it finally hit me, I laughed until there were tears coming out.

K2tog. That’s the answer. There, all done. Even my sister’s hubby thought that was pretty sad/funny, and he doesn’t knit.

I still ended up frogging it one more time, because after all that snafoo, I thought I’d start right in with the ribbing, forgetting about how the purls leave that little line when you change colors. After about 6 rounds or so, I knew I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Frogged it one more time, did one knit row, did the decrease, then started in on the ribbing. I even remembered to mark the side seam area for the increases.

Again, can’t make this stuff up.


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