What was that?

I have no idea, but it knocked me down.  I started feeling just not quite myself a day or so ago.  Then I was having trouble sleeping; took forever to get to sleep, kept waking up in the night, etc.  Then yesterday, it all came to a head.  I was trying to lay down and just couldn’t quite nap.  Just sort of dozed for about an hour.  I felt better after.  Went out to get the clothes of the line, this was about 5, I guess, and my tummy started feeling really icky.  Went and got a tums.  Fixed dinner for the kids, tummy still feeling icky.  Had another tums.  I’m not sure why, it wasn’t an upset tummy feeling, it was all in the top part of my tummy, in the area between my belly button and my rib cage.  Hubby thought it was the same problem he had, so he suggested I have some bran cereal for supper.  By then, I was feeling rather like I might throw up, and know how when you know you should eat something, but you really don’t want to, so you start thinking of things you could eat that might help the situation?  Like I thought of chili, but then thought, if I do throw up, I don’t want to throw up chili.  Same thing with corn.  So, I had a little bowl of bran cereal for supper, and actually felt a little better after that.  Around 9 or so, it really hit hard.  Really really bad pain, lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, just long enough for me to hope for death, then it’d fade away.  Then it’d come back in an hour.  That happened twice, and I slept both times between.  In my more lucid moments, I tried to think of what it could be…what did I eat?  Is it a bowel obstruction?  Did my intestine fold over on itself somehow and stuff is all clogged up in there?  Then it went away for a few hours.  Came back super bad around 1:30 or so, and hubby kept asking me if I wanted him to take me to the ER.  I hate going to the ER, mostly because if it’s not a life-threatening emergency, I feel like I’m wasting their time.  I didn’t think this was life-threatening, but I thought, if I feel anywhere near this bad in the morning, I’m going to our dr.  Then I feel asleep again, and woke up feeling almost ok.  I’m still sort of weak-ish, and not really hungry, and frankly, sort of afraid to eat.  Hubby thinks it might be gallstones.  I’m torn.  Part of me is just so glad to not be in that much pain anymore.  The other part wants to know what the heck that was all about.


2 Responses to “What was that?”

  1. 1 Laura July 25, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Eeek! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. 2 Meredith July 26, 2008 at 9:38 am

    Oh no, how un-fun. I’m with you on not wanting to go to the ER/doctor; I nearly always figure that they’ve got sicker people to care for than me. So I go with the rule that if it’s bad enough to make me miss work, I should see a doctor.

    Whatever you do, please take care of yourself! And feel better soon!

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