Mostly better, and a Stargazer update…

I think I’m gonna live, although I really want to know what on earth that was…at this point, I’m just thankful I’m no longer in pain.  Even though I woke up from a nap today with a throbbing headache.  It was even threatening to turn into a migraine.  I started with 2 tylenol, then started drinking lots of water, then later on felt nauseas…so took 2 more, and much more water and within an hour, I was feeling way better.

Hubby took the boys tonight to the Royals game, but left just before it started pouring.  He was hearing thunder, and looked at the clouds, and thought they’d better go ahead and head home.  They got to the car just before it started pouring.  They had fun though.  Steve told me, it was like $9 for parking, $17 for the tickets, and $35 for the food.  I think they must dip the hot dogs in gold.  Or gasoline.

The bottom part of the Stargazer is finished!  Except for weaving in a couple of ends.  Now, I have 2 balls left, one for each arm, and then it’ll be done.  I had to do some extensive research on stretchy bind offs, then decided to make up my own.  Here’s what I did:  I had K2P2 ribbing, and the round started with K1.  With a F crochet hook, I slipped the first K off as if to knit, and the first purl st as well, then YO and drew through 2 loops, then yo and through the last 2 loops, then ch 5, and did the next 2 st, which were the second purl and another knit, as a K2tog.  YO, draw through 2, Yo, through 2 again, and ch5.  Repeat all the way around.  So, in a nutshell, the ch loops were situated between the pairs of knits and purls, as opposed to purling the purls tog and knitting the knits tog.  I tried that way first, and it looked a little off.  This made a nice little loopy edge, and it looks really cute.  I need to remember to repeat the edging on the sleeves though, for continuity.

Now, on to the sleeves!


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