County Fair Winnings

OK, I have to get a picture up one of these days, but here’s the scoop on the winnings from the county fair…

The Stargazer angora sweater won a 1st place ribbon.

The alpaca shawl, Flower Faire pattern, won a 2nd.

My benefit socks won a 1st.

A Grandpa 60 hat I entered at the last minute to have something in the hat class got a 3rd.

The crocheted snake that I did get done in time got a 2nd.

The boys all got participant ribbons, which David was a little bummed about until I showed him the amount of time that some of the kids had put into their project as opposed to his couple of afternoons.  I think he got it.  Now he’s talking about doing a latch-hook thing for next year.

I’ve started on the Cascade stuff for the state fair.  The socks are going real slow, and that fixation yarn is taking some getting used to.  It’s very elastic, and feels like they’d be quite comfy.  The socks, if they don’t win, will be given to my almost sister in law for Christmas.  I’m also designing some fingerless mitts from a yarn called quatro, and it’s really nice to work with.  Those are going pretty fast, and I’m really happy with the cabling I’ve chosen.  I’m trying to be real careful about writing down what I’m doing so 1. I can copy it for the second mitt, and 2.  I can give the fair folks the pattern for the entry.

The last entry will be some mittens, and I haven’t started on them yet.  I figure I’ll finish up the fingerless ones, and still be going on the socks, then start on the mittens.  That’s the plan anyway.

Tonight we’re going to the carnival part of the fair: the kids’ favorite part, and my least favorite.  I’m going to start taking tylenol right now in anticipation.  There’s a parade tomorrow morning that the kids and Steve will be walking in, and then knitting night tomorrow evening.  Yay!


3 Responses to “County Fair Winnings”

  1. 1 Donna August 8, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Congratulations on your fair winnings — always a good thing to enter the fairs. I won two ribbons last week. Didn’t enter knitting this year though. I entered spinning and rug hooking. Your blue sweater is beautiful! Hope to see pictures of the other entries. Where in Kansas is your state fair? Can’t you re-enter items from the county fair as well as the new ones you are working on? I just popped into your blog from your cute comment on Yarn Harlot.

  2. 3 Meredith August 8, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Very exciting! Congratulations!

    I’m with you on what the best parts of a fair are. When I was little, I liked the rides and the carnival games, but now I’m all about the art exhibits, mostly. I especially like the needlework – the quilting, knitting, sewing, etc. – and the woodcarving.

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