Boo hoo’s today

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I wonder, is it still called separation anxiety when it’s the mom who’s having it?

And if the kids in question are 6 and 10?

And if they’re taking the bus to school for the first time?

And if the older one is starting middle school?

If so, I have it.

My 2 oldest went back to school today, and I didn’t want them too. My oldest tried to take the bus, but it missed the small crowd of middle-schoolers standing on our corner. Our neighbor saw the bus pick up some other kids, but then drove right by our little bunch. Luckily, Steve was still home, and he threw on some shorts and drove David over to school so I could wait with Patrick.

He was having trouble waking up, and even let me walk him down to the corner. That bus was about 20 minutes late according to the schedule on the website, but still picked them up in plenty of time to get to his school. And by the time it came, he was running around and seemed to be fully awake.

Then I came home and took my shower and cried.

Luckily, #3 is still with me, at least until Sept when he starts pre-school. There will be a bawl fest on that day I’m pretty sure. Then I’ll mop the kitchen floor and watch it stay clean for a few hours.

For now though, I’m going to forget about the laundry this morning and go play with my son. While I still can.

Update:  We played checkers.  Russell won.  I didn’t even realize Russ knew how to play checkers!  He’s only 4!


1 Response to “Boo hoo’s today”

  1. 1 Meredith August 12, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I think that it’s possible that separation anxiety is typically worse for parents than for children. Not that I have any experience from the parental side, but as a child I was always too excited about whatever I was getting to do to miss my parents much. Leaving for college was different – I think just because it was a bigger change.

    As for crying, there’s nothing wrong with that. I find that a good cry every now and then is a key element to remaining generally emotionally stable 🙂

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