It’s Christmas!

I got a box in the mail today.  I thought it was from my sister with whatever stuff I had left behind from the last visit.  We do that.  Sometimes on purpose, usually not.

It wasn’t from my sister.

It was from one of my hubby’s sisters.

Remember me talking about how his mom was giving all the sisters $200 for yarn to send to me to make them stuff?

I got one.


Oh my gosh, I am going nuts.  You should see the stuff, and I’ll try to get a picture up tomorrow or something.  I was already having trouble getting through the Cascade stuff for the state fair, what with my ginormous queue on Ravelry, and wanting to get back to some things I put on hold for a while, and there’s hubby’s Bucs blanket that has been waiting patiently all summer.  And there’s that new yarn I got when we were in Denver that I want to do something with.  And now that I figured out how to do those crazy nutkins for my sister out of that yarn I won, I want to finish those.  But now there’s new yarn and patterns and they’re all calling to me.  One is alpaca.  The sister was kind enough to put a note in there reminding me that they in no way expect me to get everything done my Christmas, especially when I get the rest.  Yes, the rest.  That means there’s more.  This box has 6 projects in it, and it’s just for 1 sister.

It’s Maureen’s box.  That means there’s still Cindi, Cara, and Dulcie.  There are other sisters, but they weren’t part of the conversation, so for yarn purposes, we’ll leave them out.

3 more boxes.  I am so stoked.

Oh my gosh.  I must knit faster.  And get off Ravelry.  And teach the boys how to fix mac and cheese.


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