Back in the saddle again

After falling down yesterday, it seems I’m on the road to recovery.  I had to stop the hat anyway, as there were actually 2 patterns on there and I wasn’t sure which one she wanted.  So, I just worked the hat up to the point where either pattern would start.

Then, I thought, there’s a lot of that with what she sent me.  Patterns where there’s 2 choices.  I’m not complaining, not at all.  I just realized that I didn’t know for sure which one she wanted.  So, I sat down on the floor with the box and a piece of paper and took some notes of questions I had and measurements I’d need.  Just basic notes.  I went on to the computer and started to compose a quite lengthy e-mail to Maureen, detailing how happy I was to get the box, how excited I was to begin working, and did a paragraph on each pattern I had a question on, explaining it all out in detail.  This actually took a few hours, not that it was that long, but there were interruptions.  Russ woke up from his nap, David came home from school, Patrick came home from school, Steve called me.

Then there was the really confusing one.  She sent me a great pattern book from SWTC all about hats made with their Karaoke yarn.  I’ve never worked with that yarn, and it feels very cool.  The pattern book is pretty neat because SWTC went to a bunch of LYS owners and asked them to submit a pattern for a hat using that yarn.  So, the pattern book has the hat patterns and a little bio of the LYS owner and the website if it’s online as well.  There was one pattern, the one Maureen wanted, called Julee’s Hat.  The picture showed a model wearing this cute crocheted hat with a brim that was almost ruffled, but not quite.  She was also wearing a wrap, one of those big circular ones.  They sort of remind me of a big tube top, but it goes over your arms too, not underneath them.  The pattern, as I mentioned, is called Julee’s Hat.  I read the instructions.  I’ll say this vaguely so as not to break any copyright laws.  Using a pretty large size hook, i.e not the ones you’d think of for a worsted weight yarn, but way bigger, cast on, oh, let’s round the figure a little and say 110, join and begin knitting in the round.  There’s a pattern there, but we won’t go into that.

Now, again, I say, the pattern’s called a hat.  I’ve made hats.  Many hats.  My standard hat uses size 8’s or 7’s, and I begin by casting on 100.  Now, imagine 100 st cast on with a size 8.  Now imagine 110 st cast on with a really bigger needle.  How’s that going to fit a normal head?

I look at the pattern.  I look at the model.  I read the pattern again and realize that the whole thing is moot because the hat she’s wearing is crocheted.  How can you make a crocheted hat by casting on 110 with a big huge needle and joining in the round?

Then I look again.  The hat pattern is being worn as a wrap.  So, is it a hat or a wrap?  This led to much web research, which gave me nothing, and a question posted on Ravelery.  Some one even said that it’s both a hat and a wrap, that the directions are good and it does work.  I just can’t see it.

So, that was part of the questions to Maureen as well.  Luckily, the yarn requirements for the hat pattern, which is on a different page, are the same as for the wrap.  I just need to know for sure if she wants the hat or the hat/wrap.  I finally finished the e-mail and hit send, expecting it to come back that this was a new e-mail and did I want to add it.  That message never came up.  Oh no.  Don’t tell me that it flubbed.  Please tell me it was saved.  I went to my sent folder, where it saves everything, and it wasn’t there.  I thought, maybe it doesn’t show up right away.  So, I sent off another quick e-mail to Maureen saying that I just sent a longer one and wasn’t sure if it went through or not.

Now, I’m waiting.  That’s what I get for digging into that yarn.  Last night, I finished the ribbing on that fingerless mitt, so today I’ll figure out how to do the thumb.  And get started on Kyle’s mittens.  No more of Maureen’s stuff.  The yarn gods are angry.


1 Response to “Back in the saddle again”

  1. 1 Robin August 19, 2008 at 10:28 am

    It sounds like you have been busy. I understand about sending the kids off to school. I cried when my oldest went to Kindergarten a couple of years ago and this year I send another one off to Kindergarten. I at least have a couple more weeks before school starts. Also wanted to say a BIG GIANT HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the blue ribbon. That is so awesome. I keep telling myself I will enter something in the fair one of these days.

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