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I’m back, Part 2

OK, so here goes. The drive down was pretty much uneventful. We took the scenic route, and made it to Valdosta around 1:00 am. Hubby decided at that point to not take the scenic route anymore. That was tough. He had wanted to leave the hotel around 8, to get in to his brother’s house around 11, and then we’d all drive over to Grandma’s together. We were barely lucid by 8 am. And with all my organizing and activity boxes and yarn and stuff, I didn’t pack an overnight bag. That meant that that evening, we struggled in with 2 bags, one of one of the kid’s and one of Daddy’s, because he actually wanted to go out for a run in the morning. And then the next morning, while he and David were out for their run, I left the 2 younger ones in the room and went and got my bag, and the other kid’s bag, and my make-up case. Then Daddy took them all down to the breakfast buffet to eat while I took a shower. David brought me up a little sausage and a little scrambled egg and a yogurt and a bagel and an apple. Bless his heart. We got everything packed back up and all 5 or 6 suitcases back out to the car and loaded up and hit the road. At some point, we called the brother because Steve was under the impression that he’d be waiting for us to show up, and turns out he was out golfing with his dad anyway! And we ended up pulling up to Grandma’s house at exactly the same time as the brother’s wife and 2 daughters! So, we all walked in together anyway!

Grandma was very surprised to see us, as Steve’s sister had said that we would not be able to make it as we had a cruise that weekend. We did, but it didn’t leave until Sunday, and the party was Saturday. We all had a very nice time, got to visit a lot, and then spent the night at the brother’s house. We left there early the next morning to stop at Target for some sunscreen that I also didn’t pack, not wanting to buy it on the cruise. Also pantyhose. I can’t even remember the last time I wore pantyhose, but I didn’t want to take any chances on the old ones I had in my drawer. Then off again for a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins before heading off to the cruise.

We got everything out and dragged over to the dock part where we checked the bags. The cruise line had given us pre-printed baggage tags, so we had everything ready for them and carried just a few things on board with us. It was odd though; this was the first cruise we’ve been on and not had a stroller with us. The launch party was loud and obnoxious, and the kids loved it. It was over relatively quickly, and we went to the cabin to change clothes for dinner. We had already checked out the cabin to see what our first presents were, and checked the dinner schedule. We did indeed get the early dining, which we had wanted. There are 3 main dining rooms, each with a different flavor, and you alternate each night. The first night we were at the fancy one, Triton’s, so we dressed up a little, basically church clothes. I had the salmon, which when it came out, looked seriously like about 1/2 the fish. I ate half, and shared half with David and Steve. Russ tried a bite, but decided he didn’t really like it, and Patrick had had salmon when my dad grilled and smoked some, and didn’t want to try it. It was good, but frankly, not as good as the ones my dad smoked. Dessert was Mickey shaped chocolate covered ice-cream bars for the boys, I forgot what Steve got, and I had creme brulee. Wow.

Then back to the cabin to change into more comfy stuff, Steve wanted to go to this karaoke thing, so we checked the kids into the kid’s club, and Steve promptly fell asleep. I sat and knitted for a while, and watched the end of the new Indiana Jones movie before going to check the boys back out of the kid’s club for bed. Yes, we do lead exciting lives. More tomorrow…


I’m back, Part 1

Got back from everything late last night, barely making it in by midnight. Today’s agenda includes cleaning out the car and going to the store for bread and some other staples. Blogging is on my list, but, I have to admit, pretty far down. There were lots and lots of blog-worthy moments, and I’ll try to get them all down at some point. Here’s some highlights:

Grandma’s surprise party was a beautiful thing. Hubby managed to get a picture of ALL the kids playing together, which I’ll post up later. She loved the scarf I crocheted up for her.

The cruise was amazing, except for the last night, in which I discovered that 1. One dramamine tablet when you’re already feeling seasick only makes me very sleepy, 2. The chewable Sea-Calm that the lovely guys in the Kid’s Club gave us out of the kindness of their hearts don’t taste half bad. And even if you throw up, you can eat some more right away, and then they taste even better, comparitively speaking. 3. Throwing up in a toilet on a ship that’s rocking and rolling and going up and down and side to side isn’t as easy at it sounds. And 4. My only consolation: Steve threw up more than I did.

Back to Disney for 2 nights at the Saratoga Springs Resort (very very nice) and then back to Grandma’s for 2 nights (even nicer!)

More on everything later. I’m still recovering from the Yarn Harlot linking to me. And now I find out she’s coming to Kansas City. Yippee!

Taking a minute to breathe, but only out of one nostril

Ever wonder why some things are? Like seriously, what was God thinking? Allergies, for instance. What purpose? To keep the people who make tissues employed? Couldn’t colds do that? Seriously. I can’t see any logical reason why people have to have allergies. Especially me. Especially when they’re already bugging me and I try to get at least the front yard cut so it won’t look like a small jungle when we get back from FL. And I have to stop 3 time to have a sneezing fit and blow my nose.

The good news is that hubby was able to find cedar balls at the store, so they are stuffed in everything I could find as well as the things I’m taking with me, just in case. And everything that I think could possibly be infected is in the freezer to be dealt with upon our return.

The kids’ activity boxes are all packed and waiting to be loaded in the car, as are their suitcases. My clothes and yarn are still pretty much all over the bed, and some yarn is on the dining room table, waiting for me. There’s a bunch of stuff by the front door that needs to be moved so I can put an empty tomato box there for mail.

This will be my last post from Kansas here, and be forewarned, I have very nice neighbors, all of who are on real good terms with the local law enforcement. I’ll see if I can get a picture of Grandma’s party and post it on Saturday.

Initiate panic sequence

So, I’m trying to pack and laundry and amuse Russell and I start going through the yarn I’m bringing, and I spot a little hole in the side.  I was going to wind it up with my handy dandy new ball winder anyway, so I thought, dang it, Russell got in here with a pair of scissors when I wasn’t looking.  That was not the case.

I’m sure there are knitters out there who know right where I’m going with this one.  I’d heard the stories, and of course, thought they didn’t apply to me.  I’m not a yarn snob.  I have my peruvian wool right next to my TLC wiggles my Lion Brand Chenille with my locally raised alpaca.  Somehow I thought that would exempt me.

Guess what happened to my 2 balls of Jojoland?  Yeah.  Moth larvae.  I wanted to take them with as insurance.  I knew I probably wouldn’t get to knit with them, but you know, you have to bring more than you think, just in case.  But, as I started winding, this little thing fell onto my pillow.  It was a little bug.  I thought, that’s odd.  How’d a bug get in my yarn.  Then another one.  Then the yarn stopped.  Then my heart stopped.  Crap.

Good news is, I think it’s confined to my bedroom.  Didn’t have too much in there by way of wool.  I bagged up all I could find, not the acrylic, and popped it in the freezer downstairs.  One sock still on the needles, 2 more socks suffering from SSS, a couple balls of Knitpicks Palette, my Blossom yarn, and a few others.  The only one other that the Jojoland that I actually saw bugs on was one of the Palettes, so I hope I did right.

I seriously did not have time for this today.  Nothing’s packed so far, I have 3 lists started, and Russell’s down for a nap, and all I want to do is lay down and breathe.

Could be worse.  What if I discovered this upon our return from vacation?  And should I freeze all my wool-like stuff, even if it’s on a different floor?  And for how long?  Should I just leave it in the freezer while we’re gone?  Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!

The calm before the storm, well, not really.

So, Thursday is the last day before we leave for the big drive down to FL.  Here’s what’s on the schedule:

1. Get the 2 older boys off to school.

2. Oil change appt at 9 with youngest boy.  Let’s hope they’re not backed up.  Note to self: bring I Spy books.

3. A couple of last minute laundry loads of whatever I think they/we might need for FL and/or the cruise.

4. Somewhere in there get lunch.

5. Time for a nap for Russell?  We’ll see.

6. Make lists for the boys of what to pack.

7. Start yarn packing.  We ALL know that’s way more important that whatever clothes I bring.

8. Put birth cert and ss cards in the yarn bag so they won’t get lost.  Cruise documents too.

9. Somewhere in there older boys will probably get home from school.

10. Have them start packing clothes and put together activity boxes.  We take tomato boxes of things to do for each kid.  Like games, books, toys, etc.  No dvd player in our minivan.  See, we have these special things called win-dows.  They’re really cool.  When you get bored, you can look through them and see all sorts of things.  And it’s never the same.  Well, unless you’re driving through Nebraska.  Or parts of Iowa.  Then you just play the “My side has more corn than your side” game.

11.  Print off some paper activities from some website.  Maybe  Or family fun.  Find that mosaic thing in the basement.

12.  Give key to neighbor kids to take care of plants and mail and kitties.  Put a clean tomato box by the front door for the mail.

13.  Somewhere in there squee again because the Yarn Harlot linked to me oh my gosh I still can’t believe it I have to call my sister in the morning or at least e-mail her because she’s the only one other than my hubby who could possibly understand how cool this is.  I was writing to a new friend that I really should be calmer about this whole thing.  I mean, really now.  I’ve met Stephanie once, and part of why I like her and respect her is that she is really, just another person.  She doesn’t realize that she’s sort of a knitting celebrity of sorts.  I mean, when you come right down to it, she’s just another knitter.

Yeah, right.  Stephanie.  The Yarn Harlot. She’s just another knitter.  That’s like saying quivet is just another yarn.


Oh.  My.  Gosh.

She linked to me.


My little teeny knitting blog.

I’m so cool I don’t know what to do with myself.

I think I’ll go knit something wonderful.

Playing catch up again

Seems like I post, then nothing happens for the longest time.  Or at least nothing that I think is really worth sitting down and typing out.  Then all of a sudden a few things happen, and I don’t seem to have time to sit down and type anything out.  Let’s see if I can recap…

Went to the fair Sunday after church.  Somehow I had it in my mind that it was a 4 hour drive.  It wasn’t.  Even with stop for lunch, I think it only took like 3 hours.  If we hadn’t it’d have been 2 1/2 hours.  Where the heck did I get the idea that it was 4 hours?  Maybe it’s cause I drive the speed limit and usually tack on at least 30 to 45 minutes to whatever time Steve tells me it’s going to take.  Like if he says it only takes him a half hour to get somewhere, I know with 3 kids, and the time it takes to actually get them INTO the car and then having to stop at least once for a potty break and my going slower, it’ll take me like 45 min to an hour.  Maybe that’s it.  He must have said it takes 3 hours, and I just automatically added in an hour.  Anyway, back to the fair.  Got there and parked by some really pretty houses to gawk at while we walked over to the entrance gate.  Went in, found the Domestic Arts building and our entries.  David was sort of bummed that more of his things didn’t win ribbons, but was glad for the one that he did win.  He got to look at the other entries to see what they did to give him some ideas for next year.

Most of my stuff is in the back, and it was my, or rather my sister’s, fingerless mitts that won the Cascade thing.  3rd place!  Woo-hoo.  I was really glad to learn that Cascade was only keeping the pattern not the finished project, so I can still give them to my sister for Christmas.  And the prize yarn was a whole bag of Cascade Lana D’Oro!  It’s half wool half alpaca!  And it’s a gorgeous purple heather color!  I am so stoked.  That Cable Luxe Tunic thing may never get knitted at this rate.  And it was my twisted rib socks that won the ribbon in the other category.  It was either those or the alpaca shawl.

So, I walked out of there with a check not quite enough to cover the postage I spent to mail the stuff over there, and a bag of yarn.

Oh, and 2 big bags of kettle corn.


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