The calm before the storm, well, not really.

So, Thursday is the last day before we leave for the big drive down to FL.  Here’s what’s on the schedule:

1. Get the 2 older boys off to school.

2. Oil change appt at 9 with youngest boy.  Let’s hope they’re not backed up.  Note to self: bring I Spy books.

3. A couple of last minute laundry loads of whatever I think they/we might need for FL and/or the cruise.

4. Somewhere in there get lunch.

5. Time for a nap for Russell?  We’ll see.

6. Make lists for the boys of what to pack.

7. Start yarn packing.  We ALL know that’s way more important that whatever clothes I bring.

8. Put birth cert and ss cards in the yarn bag so they won’t get lost.  Cruise documents too.

9. Somewhere in there older boys will probably get home from school.

10. Have them start packing clothes and put together activity boxes.  We take tomato boxes of things to do for each kid.  Like games, books, toys, etc.  No dvd player in our minivan.  See, we have these special things called win-dows.  They’re really cool.  When you get bored, you can look through them and see all sorts of things.  And it’s never the same.  Well, unless you’re driving through Nebraska.  Or parts of Iowa.  Then you just play the “My side has more corn than your side” game.

11.  Print off some paper activities from some website.  Maybe  Or family fun.  Find that mosaic thing in the basement.

12.  Give key to neighbor kids to take care of plants and mail and kitties.  Put a clean tomato box by the front door for the mail.

13.  Somewhere in there squee again because the Yarn Harlot linked to me oh my gosh I still can’t believe it I have to call my sister in the morning or at least e-mail her because she’s the only one other than my hubby who could possibly understand how cool this is.  I was writing to a new friend that I really should be calmer about this whole thing.  I mean, really now.  I’ve met Stephanie once, and part of why I like her and respect her is that she is really, just another person.  She doesn’t realize that she’s sort of a knitting celebrity of sorts.  I mean, when you come right down to it, she’s just another knitter.

Yeah, right.  Stephanie.  The Yarn Harlot. She’s just another knitter.  That’s like saying quivet is just another yarn.


1 Response to “The calm before the storm, well, not really.”

  1. 1 AlisonH September 18, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    Sudden memories here of crayons and coloring paper on the 850-mile drive to my brother’s wedding, with a baby and two preschoolers. Guess which three-year-old used the kid-scissors to give himself a haircut in the backseat?

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