I’m back, Part 1

Got back from everything late last night, barely making it in by midnight. Today’s agenda includes cleaning out the car and going to the store for bread and some other staples. Blogging is on my list, but, I have to admit, pretty far down. There were lots and lots of blog-worthy moments, and I’ll try to get them all down at some point. Here’s some highlights:

Grandma’s surprise party was a beautiful thing. Hubby managed to get a picture of ALL the kids playing together, which I’ll post up later. She loved the scarf I crocheted up for her.

The cruise was amazing, except for the last night, in which I discovered that 1. One dramamine tablet when you’re already feeling seasick only makes me very sleepy, 2. The chewable Sea-Calm that the lovely guys in the Kid’s Club gave us out of the kindness of their hearts don’t taste half bad. And even if you throw up, you can eat some more right away, and then they taste even better, comparitively speaking. 3. Throwing up in a toilet on a ship that’s rocking and rolling and going up and down and side to side isn’t as easy at it sounds. And 4. My only consolation: Steve threw up more than I did.

Back to Disney for 2 nights at the Saratoga Springs Resort (very very nice) and then back to Grandma’s for 2 nights (even nicer!)

More on everything later. I’m still recovering from the Yarn Harlot linking to me. And now I find out she’s coming to Kansas City. Yippee!


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