I’m back, Part 2

OK, so here goes. The drive down was pretty much uneventful. We took the scenic route, and made it to Valdosta around 1:00 am. Hubby decided at that point to not take the scenic route anymore. That was tough. He had wanted to leave the hotel around 8, to get in to his brother’s house around 11, and then we’d all drive over to Grandma’s together. We were barely lucid by 8 am. And with all my organizing and activity boxes and yarn and stuff, I didn’t pack an overnight bag. That meant that that evening, we struggled in with 2 bags, one of one of the kid’s and one of Daddy’s, because he actually wanted to go out for a run in the morning. And then the next morning, while he and David were out for their run, I left the 2 younger ones in the room and went and got my bag, and the other kid’s bag, and my make-up case. Then Daddy took them all down to the breakfast buffet to eat while I took a shower. David brought me up a little sausage and a little scrambled egg and a yogurt and a bagel and an apple. Bless his heart. We got everything packed back up and all 5 or 6 suitcases back out to the car and loaded up and hit the road. At some point, we called the brother because Steve was under the impression that he’d be waiting for us to show up, and turns out he was out golfing with his dad anyway! And we ended up pulling up to Grandma’s house at exactly the same time as the brother’s wife and 2 daughters! So, we all walked in together anyway!

Grandma was very surprised to see us, as Steve’s sister had said that we would not be able to make it as we had a cruise that weekend. We did, but it didn’t leave until Sunday, and the party was Saturday. We all had a very nice time, got to visit a lot, and then spent the night at the brother’s house. We left there early the next morning to stop at Target for some sunscreen that I also didn’t pack, not wanting to buy it on the cruise. Also pantyhose. I can’t even remember the last time I wore pantyhose, but I didn’t want to take any chances on the old ones I had in my drawer. Then off again for a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins before heading off to the cruise.

We got everything out and dragged over to the dock part where we checked the bags. The cruise line had given us pre-printed baggage tags, so we had everything ready for them and carried just a few things on board with us. It was odd though; this was the first cruise we’ve been on and not had a stroller with us. The launch party was loud and obnoxious, and the kids loved it. It was over relatively quickly, and we went to the cabin to change clothes for dinner. We had already checked out the cabin to see what our first presents were, and checked the dinner schedule. We did indeed get the early dining, which we had wanted. There are 3 main dining rooms, each with a different flavor, and you alternate each night. The first night we were at the fancy one, Triton’s, so we dressed up a little, basically church clothes. I had the salmon, which when it came out, looked seriously like about 1/2 the fish. I ate half, and shared half with David and Steve. Russ tried a bite, but decided he didn’t really like it, and Patrick had had salmon when my dad grilled and smoked some, and didn’t want to try it. It was good, but frankly, not as good as the ones my dad smoked. Dessert was Mickey shaped chocolate covered ice-cream bars for the boys, I forgot what Steve got, and I had creme brulee. Wow.

Then back to the cabin to change into more comfy stuff, Steve wanted to go to this karaoke thing, so we checked the kids into the kid’s club, and Steve promptly fell asleep. I sat and knitted for a while, and watched the end of the new Indiana Jones movie before going to check the boys back out of the kid’s club for bed. Yes, we do lead exciting lives. More tomorrow…


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