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For Kathy, originally uploaded by jmailj.

A big THANK YOU to Sarah, the designer of this wondrous sweater!  And a big thank you to my friend Jami for being the photog that evening.

This is me and Sarah at the Yarn Harlot event in Kansas City, where not only did I get to meet and greet Stephanie, I also got to meet and greet and hug and thank Sarah for her wonderful pattern.  If you’re looking for a really awesome sweater that’s so easy to customize for fit as well as design features you may or may not want to add, let me steer you towards the Stargazer.   Sarah, for reasons unknown to me, is only charging a measly $1.  Yes, a buck.  Even if you never knit it yourself, go now and buy her pattern, download it and print it out.  In the immortal words of Mr. Monk, “You’ll thank me later.”


Turned the corner

Looks like Russell’s going to live.  He actually ate yesterday, and didn’t throw up at all.  He did start whining about his tummy hurting around 5 or so, and went upstairs to lay down.  It dawned on me about a half hour later that he hadn’t come back down, so I went to check on him and he was asleep.  I hadn’t had him take a nap that day since after I got his brothers off to school, he and I went and laid down in my bed and we both passed out until about 10:30 or so.  I guess he was still tired.  I was trying to decide how late to let him sleep.  I didn’t want to wake him up since he’s been sick, but on the other hand, I sure didn’t want him sleeping until 10 and waking up then and not being tired to go back to sleep.  I finally decided to just let him sleep.  He woke up at about 8, had a little applesauce and ginger ale for supper, wound up several balls with my ball winder, and I tucked him back in at 9 and he went right to sleep.  Got up this morning a little after 7 and felt great.  Even wanted oatmeal for breakfast.  I think he’s finally over this stupid thing.

Today, he’ll rest, in between errands.  We’re out of milk, and I lost my driver’s license!  So, we’ll have to go there and get it replaced.  And after that I think I may need a small yarn fix.  That glow in the dark yarn is on sale at Michaels, and I’ve been dying to try it out.  Perhaps today I can finally get to the post office too, to mail off that stuff I was going to mail off last week but didn’t because it kept raining.

On the knitting front, not much is going on there.  I think I did a few rows on the slippers for Dulcie last night while vege-ing, but that’s about it.  She sent my up a silk yarn too, for a hat/scarf combo that looks very interesting.  I’m trying to wait on that until I at least finish a few other wip’s.  I did though, get that sock yarn all separated out for David’s socks.  The gauge I got was 9 1/2 st to the inch, which seems to be really tiny.  The gauge on the band said 7 st to the inch with a size 1, which was what I used.  I’m going to try to re-do his horcrux socks, since he wore a hole in the first pair.  And then grew too fast for the second pair to fit him.  But that second pair didn’t even get done, so that’s ok.  If not, then they may just be plain ribbed socks.  We’ll see.

Had our first frost this morning.  Very brisk outside.  I think I’m going for a walk before Steve leaves for work.

I forgot to title this one, oops!

Just an update so no one thinks I fell off the face of the earth. Russell’s been sick, some kind of flu/stomach/intestinal thing. Poor kid. I was up part of the night with him. In case you’re wondering, sleeping on the floor with a sick 4 year old, waiting for him to whimper that his tummy hurts, which I’ve learned is one of the universal signs to grab the bucket, is not really sleeping. The floor, no matter how many comforters are piled up there, is not real comfy. And, I can’t hear my alarm go off from in there. Someone must have heard it, because when I woke up in a frantic start to find it was 7:20 and David had not yet left for the bus yet, the alarm was turned off. I won’t point any fingers, but someone was sleeping in that bed, and that someone was sleeping, shall we say, more towards my side of the bed than his. Just sayin’.

And, there’s 3 batches of cookies that need to be mixed and baked before Friday for various kid’s school parties. And or reasons I’ll not go into right here and now, while fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the week preceding Halloween has very negative memories attached to it. So, I’m fighting off that. And we have company coming on Sunday, who, according to some people, are somewhat perfectionist when it comes to house cleaning. So, hubby is worried that our house isn’t clean enough, and I’m trying to be understanding and clean things I wouldn’t normally even think to clean, while at the same time attempting to throw away much clutter that has accumulated and taking care of a sick boy, and this morning I found myself trying out some new yarn I had bought to make David some new socks for Christmas. I just did a little swatch, to take the edge off.

This is going to be a great week. If I can just live through it.

Kristi’s mitts at the Kansas State Fair, 2008

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I’m taking a chance here, that my sister does not read my blog. Even though she suggested the name a long time ago, I don’t think she comes here.

It all started because I had been knitting and crocheting presents for my nieces and was forgetting what I had made for who and when, birthday or Christmas. I thought, maybe I should start sort of an online journal thing, where I can put pictures of what I made, and write down what pattern I used and what yarn and who it was for and all the important details like that.

So, I started this blog. Then, like a month later, I read about Ravelry.

Nice timing, huh?

Turns out all I wanted already existed, and I didn’t even know it. But, I kept it going anyway, and it’s turned out pretty cool.

These, by the way, are the fingerless mitts I designed for the Cascade contest at the state fair. They are the ones that won 3rd place, and got me the 10 hanks of Cascade Lana D’Oro. Speaking of which, I think I need to go play now.

2, count them, 2 FO’s!!!!

Adorable, huh?  The hat is the grungy one I was writing about earlier, for my sister to get dirty and not mind so much.  I personally don’t even think the dirt would show in that particular colorway.  And I have to comment on this…I have no idea what kind/brand of yarn that is, except to say that if I ever work with it again, I may well just turn into a yarn snob.  Oh my gosh.  I love my Red Heart and acrylics all the same as my alpacas, although for different reasons.  But this stuff, man.

I’ve heard people who claim to be yarn snobs talking about how they can’t knit with acrylic because it makes their hands hurt, or it feels plastic-y.  I had thought enough of them to give them the benefit of the doubt on the hands hurting thing.  I remember last Christmas when I was cranking out those scarves, and working with bulky yarn that I hadn’t worked with for quite some time.  And after doing tons of socks, that bulky stuff actually made my hands cramp up.  I thought, maybe that’s what they meant.  Sort of a crampy thing.  OK, I thought, I’ll go with it and not be judgemental.

But the plastic thing?  I just couldn’t see it.  I know that on a softness scale, Red Heart certainly doesn’t even go near alpaca or merino or angora.  But, feeling like plastic?  I just couldn’t see that.  Or feel it, if you will.

Until this hat.  Maybe it’s because I had been working with some alpaca right before.  Or the wool sock yarn.  Or something else that wasn’t acrylic.  This yarn felt odd.  Stiff.  Made my hands hurt a little.  Almost as though, dare I say, it was plastic-y.

The good thing is, I know my sister’s head won’t mind at all.

And the sweater?  That was the yarn said sister found on clearance for 99 cents a skein.  So, bless her heart, she went through them and found 6 that were all the same dye lot!  Is she not the coolest ever?  (I know, she deserves way more than a plastic hat, but wait, better things are coming, and don’t forget those 2 pair of socks last year.)  I found a pattern that said it needed 6 skeins for a size 8 sweater.  I thought, perfect…Patrick’s a size 6, that way it’ll be a little big on him and will fit him all winter and maybe into next year!  I knit it up, it was a really fast knit, but it fits him almost just rignt!  And it I had to do it again, I’d add some more length to the bottom, as it’s just shy of being too short on him!  I was getting gauge too, so don’t even go there.  Either he’s way tall in the torso, which is entirely possible, or the sweater sizing is off.  But, it’s still very much cute.

Today I’m mailing off those hats for Maureen and some patterns and that hat for Kristi.  In the rain.  Yay.

Well, that sucked

Where the heck did the weekend go?

Friday was my knitting night, yay!  It sure was fun.  The kids had been out of school on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday morning was the Kansas City Marathon/Half-Marathon/10k/5k/Kid’s Marathon.  David had run the kid’s part.  How they did it was fairly witty.  For those of you non-versed in marathon-ness, a marathon is 26.2 miles.  Yeah.  So, then the kid’s one was still 26.2 miles, but you could start it anytime before the actual race, and finish 25 miles of it on your own, in your own time.  Steve had put together a schedule for David so he was running 1/2 to 3/4 to 1 mile a day on 3 days a week.  Then on race day, the kids all ran the last 1.2 miles and got their medal.  Cool, huh?

Afterwards, we drove to a Panera for breakfast before Steve had to go to the airport.  He was flying to Chicago for a reunion of a singing group he was in back in college called New Visions.  He had a blast.  Then Sunday morning, he flew down to Tampa to see the Buccaneers play the Seahawks.  Not sure why exactly, but he really wanted to see that game.  Turns out, that was a good weekend to be in Tampa, as the Rays also won the pennant to be in the World Series.  The Buc’s game got over before the Rays game did, and they put it on the big screens in the stadium after the football game was over.

What we did was this…after breakfast at Panera, we drove home and took a nap.  A long nap.  We had supper and played and went to bed.  Sunday morning was church, lunch, and another nap.  I was feeling run down, as I didn’t sleep well at all on Saturday.  Plus, I had started to get a headache, but it was one of those “I know if I just get some sleep I’ll be ok” ones.  That was not the case.  I got some sleep, and woke up feeling worse.  Then I started to feel sick to my stomach.  I did have enough brain power to realize that I was probably getting a migraine.  I popped 3 tylenols.  I usually take 4 when I feel one coming on, and take a nap, but as the kids were all up I didn’t want to risk passing out.  I did lay down and just didn’t move for about 2 hours though.  The kids all behaved, for which I am extremely grateful.  Luckily on Friday I made a big pan of this stuff we call Baked Noodley Stuff.  I’ll have to post the recipe sometime; it’s truly the best fake out meal ever.  So, there was still some left last night, and David scooped it into bowls and heated it up in the microwave and served it up.  It was all I could do to walk downstairs and supervise that.  Then they played some more, I found the tums and ate a couple and before I knew it it was time to start getting them ready for bed.  I was slowly starting to turn the corner and it had been 4 hours since the tylenol, so I took some of Steve’s aleive, and got the kid’s clothes laid out and teeth brushed and kissed and hugged and tucked in bed.  I took a bath and got out around 9 or 9:30, and that’s when I knew I was going to live.

2 whole days when Steve wasn’t here and I could have been knitting/crocheting the entire time.  Gone.  I didn’t even get the sweater seamed up.  I finished knitting it on Friday and started seaming it that night.

I hate migraines.  Sure makes a person grateful to feel normal though.  And today after I took Russ to preschool, instead of driving back home, I parked at this college that’s right near a nature trail, and went for a walk.  The sound of the crunching leaves, the smell of fall, the cool air, all wonderful.  Tonight?  We’re baking the cookies I promised the kid’s we’d do last night.  When I had the migraine.  Bless their hearts, they didn’t even mention it last night.  Banana oatmeal, if anyone’s wondering..

The Yarn Harlot, the Stargazer, and me

What is the coolest part of that picture?  Hard to say.  There’s Stephanie, there’s the Stargazer,  and all the knitters.  And me.  Such a fun evening.

On the knitting front, I have been almost monogamous.  That sweater out of the yarn my sister found is almost done.  I pinned it together with only one sleeve and had Patrick try it on, and it fits.  Odd, because according to the pattern, it’s supposed to be a size 8.  He now wears a 6.  And I’m getting gauge.  So, I think that Patrick will be able to wear it this year and then it’ll have to go to Russ.  I may just start another one quick out of some green yarn I found, and try to do a 6.  It’s worsted weight, so it should end up bigger.  On second thought, I should do the worsted weight in an 8 too.

I finished the karaoke hat for Maureen, and I’m thinking of crocheting a little flower to pin to the side.  I think I’ll take it to knitting tomorrow night and get some other opinions.  Then, hopefully Maureen will answer one of my e-mails and I can get her address and mail off the hats to her.

Plus, I’m itching to start that cable sweater from the Wool-ease.  Great, I hope my startitis isn’t flaring up again.


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