I’m back, Part 4

OK, back to the last night of the cruise. We had let the kids eat dinner with their club, and went to Parrot Cay by ourselves. The wait staff, who had rotated with us to the various restaurants, were surprised to see us sans kiddos. They kept cracking jokes during the dinner, pretending like they saw the kids trying to sneak back in. I had been craving grouper the whole time, since my dad mentioned it, and none of the dinners had it as an option. Except for that last night. So, I thought it was great. I would have preferred blackened grouper, but this was pretty darn good anyway. Then off to the last karaoke thing (can you tell what Steve’s interests are?) to meet up with a couple we had met the previous nights, and the guy and Steve did an amazing accapella rendition of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”. Turns out that he lives near Tampa, and since we were going to be staying in Orlando for a couple nights, we exchanged phone numbers, and he ended up calling Steve to go to another thing over at Disney’s Swan Resort on Friday.

Back to the cruise though. After dinner and before the karaoke thing, we had gone back to the cabin to put our bags outside so the Magic Disney Luggage Fairy could transport them down to the port for us that next morning, and we only had to carry a few out ourselves. They had to be tagged and out in the hallway by 11 pm. During that packing and loading time, I had started to feel a little icky. I thought, it’s because of that dang sauce they smothered the grouper with, combined with the adult beverage I consumed and the banana bread french toast bread pudding thing for dessert. Yes, I believe I overindulged. A little. Then I noticed that the boat was rocking just a little more than normal. Normally the gentle rocking of the cruise ship doesn’t bother me. It reminds me of being on a train, there’s just a gentle side to side thing going on, and it’s rather soothing. This was not that. I took the last dramamine as a precaution, which only made me very very sleepy.

We went to the karaoke thing, and as we did, I started feeling worse and worse. I left to go upstairs to get a diet coke, thinking that the fizzy might help calm my tummy. It did, but I still felt so tired. Then as we walked over to get the kids out of the club, it got WAY WAY worse. The ship was going up and down and side to side, and walking normally was pretty much impossible. I was walking like a very drunk person. We talked with the kid’s club people for a while. Earlier in the cruise, there was one guy named Chris who was asked if he was Aladdin. He looked at the little kid, and said, “No, I’m not Aladdin, see? I have the wrong shoes.” I told him later, that I could make Aladdin slippers, and we started talking, and I ended up using a little of my leftover angora to make him a little Grandpa 60 slipper, no bell, and gave it to him on the last day. He was so thrilled it was very cute.

So, that night when we went to pick the kids us, the kids club guys presented us with a present: a bag with 2 brand new games in it! We got Disney Trivial Pursuit and Chutes and Ladders! Isn’t that awesome? I also found days later, that they put an award in there that they had given to us. We were awarded as the “Family with the Biggest Heart”. Seriously, how cool is that? I also found out from Chris, that at the end of each cruise, the cast members all have a big meeting, and they share their Disney Magic Moment of the cruise with everyone. Chris said that my giving him that little slipper was his Magic Moment. Now, see, that’s why I knit. The guys and girls in the kid’s club had seen my sweater, and the slipper, and they were all saying how I should sell things, and that people really would pay big $ for stuff like that, etc, etc. I told Chris, no thanks, I only knit for people who’ll truly appreciate it. He was seriously the cutest thing, going all gaa-gaa over that little slipper. Really made my night.

But, not as much as what they did next. As we were leaving, I said something about getting back to the cabin before I hurled. They asked if we had any sea calm. I said that I had already taken a dramamine, but I was thinking of sending Steve down to the little shop and getting some more. They said, wait, we’ll give you some of ours. They reached under the counter and gave us a handfull of packets of this chewable sea calm stuff. Truly, they don’t know how much that helped. We all stumbled back to the cabin where the kids all thankfully passed out. Patrick, I found later, was laying sideways on his bed, not even tucked in, as though he had walked over there, and fallen face first into the bed. It sort of looked like a miniature version of the end of a frat party.

Steve and I just lay down on the bed, and I remember thinking, if I could just throw up, I know I’d feel better. We had both taken 2 of the sea calm things already, and I was moaning and groaning and crying, and asking Steve if he knew how much longer. That’s what made it worse than that Hawaii thing. At least on that one, Steve looked at the landmarks, and could tell me that we were 45 minutes away, 30 minutes away, 20 more minutes, and that made it a little easier to take, knowing that it would soon be over. But, this was like 11 pm, and I knew we’d be getting off the ship at like 7 or 8, and I just couldn’t imagine having to go through 8 or 9 hours of feeling like that. Poor Steve kept saying he just didn’t know how long it would last.

So, we lay there, moaning, and crying, and at one point, Steve got up and went into the bathroom, and, well, bowed to the ceramic god or whatever it’s called. He came back to bed, chewed up 2 more sea calms, and I continued moaning. I asked him a few moments later, if he felt better. He said that yes, it actually helped a little. A while later, I had to go to the bathroom to pee, and just afterwards, I felt that tell-tale feeling. Let me tell you, without going into gory details, I felt better afterwards. I went back to bed, chewed up a couple more sea calms, and stopped the moaning. A while after that, Steve got up again, bless his heart, and that was the end of it. He chewed a couple more, then somehow, mercifully, we both passed out. At some point in the night, I did wake up again, just my bladder calling, and that’s when I felt better enough to look around.

Our bed still had the gifts on it, shoved into the center part, along with my bag of crochet hooks, the bag of knitting needles, a project or 2, and a couple other things that just didn’t belong there but apparently were left there in the sickness of the evening. David was at least partway under the covers, Russ was too, and that’s when I saw Patrick sprawled out on top of his bed. I tucked him in and went back to bed.

We got up the next morning, and let the kids sleep as long as we could, then got them dressed, decided to skip breakfast on the ship, and just get off. We got all our stuff, made it back through customs very easily, and got to our car and drove into Titusville to a Burger King for breakfast. The kids and I slept the entire time. I actually ate fairly fast, then asked Steve for the keys and went back out to the car and slept in the parking lot, which I never do. I find that I just can’t relax enough in public to sleep in public like that. I see people on the beach, snoring away, or napping, and I just can’t. But somehow I did that morning. I actually jumped when Steve knocked on the window. At least I had remembered to lock the car doors first.

We realized then that it was like 9 am, and we’d be getting to the resort in less than an hour, and we wouldn’t be able to check in and take a serious nap until after 4.  What to do?

Steve thought it’d be cool to go see the Kennedy Space Center, which we did.  We bought one of the bus tours, which was nice, because everytime we got on one, I fell asleep, and the kids sort of did too.  We stayed there as long as we could, until we were biting each other’s heads off with exhaustion, and the kids were literally walking asleep.  We drove over to the hotel, and got almost everything in, and all of us fell asleep a little.  I woke up around 6 or something, and the kids were hungry, so thought I’d leave Steve to sleep and use the Garmin thing to find a grocery store.

We made a little list, of what to get for supper and breakfast, all of which I managed to get for less than $30.  The cool thing about those resorts is that they have a full kitchen, pots and pans and silverware and stuff like that.  We had a lovely dinner of salads and something else that I don’t remember now, oh wait, I think I remembered getting the kids some cheese nips or something to snack on.  Then we started a little load of laundry and went to bed.  More on the next day in the next installation…stay tuned.


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