2, count them, 2 FO’s!!!!

Adorable, huh?  The hat is the grungy one I was writing about earlier, for my sister to get dirty and not mind so much.  I personally don’t even think the dirt would show in that particular colorway.  And I have to comment on this…I have no idea what kind/brand of yarn that is, except to say that if I ever work with it again, I may well just turn into a yarn snob.  Oh my gosh.  I love my Red Heart and acrylics all the same as my alpacas, although for different reasons.  But this stuff, man.

I’ve heard people who claim to be yarn snobs talking about how they can’t knit with acrylic because it makes their hands hurt, or it feels plastic-y.  I had thought enough of them to give them the benefit of the doubt on the hands hurting thing.  I remember last Christmas when I was cranking out those scarves, and working with bulky yarn that I hadn’t worked with for quite some time.  And after doing tons of socks, that bulky stuff actually made my hands cramp up.  I thought, maybe that’s what they meant.  Sort of a crampy thing.  OK, I thought, I’ll go with it and not be judgemental.

But the plastic thing?  I just couldn’t see it.  I know that on a softness scale, Red Heart certainly doesn’t even go near alpaca or merino or angora.  But, feeling like plastic?  I just couldn’t see that.  Or feel it, if you will.

Until this hat.  Maybe it’s because I had been working with some alpaca right before.  Or the wool sock yarn.  Or something else that wasn’t acrylic.  This yarn felt odd.  Stiff.  Made my hands hurt a little.  Almost as though, dare I say, it was plastic-y.

The good thing is, I know my sister’s head won’t mind at all.

And the sweater?  That was the yarn said sister found on clearance for 99 cents a skein.  So, bless her heart, she went through them and found 6 that were all the same dye lot!  Is she not the coolest ever?  (I know, she deserves way more than a plastic hat, but wait, better things are coming, and don’t forget those 2 pair of socks last year.)  I found a pattern that said it needed 6 skeins for a size 8 sweater.  I thought, perfect…Patrick’s a size 6, that way it’ll be a little big on him and will fit him all winter and maybe into next year!  I knit it up, it was a really fast knit, but it fits him almost just rignt!  And it I had to do it again, I’d add some more length to the bottom, as it’s just shy of being too short on him!  I was getting gauge too, so don’t even go there.  Either he’s way tall in the torso, which is entirely possible, or the sweater sizing is off.  But, it’s still very much cute.

Today I’m mailing off those hats for Maureen and some patterns and that hat for Kristi.  In the rain.  Yay.


3 Responses to “2, count them, 2 FO’s!!!!”

  1. 1 silfert October 22, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I’ve used the term FO, but it’s usually rude and most often in reference to someone at work… Congratulations on correct usage AND timely finishing!

  2. 2 Jami October 23, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    LOL @ Silfert’s comment. Awesome job!

  3. 3 Fran October 31, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    The sweater looks beautiful!

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