I forgot to title this one, oops!

Just an update so no one thinks I fell off the face of the earth. Russell’s been sick, some kind of flu/stomach/intestinal thing. Poor kid. I was up part of the night with him. In case you’re wondering, sleeping on the floor with a sick 4 year old, waiting for him to whimper that his tummy hurts, which I’ve learned is one of the universal signs to grab the bucket, is not really sleeping. The floor, no matter how many comforters are piled up there, is not real comfy. And, I can’t hear my alarm go off from in there. Someone must have heard it, because when I woke up in a frantic start to find it was 7:20 and David had not yet left for the bus yet, the alarm was turned off. I won’t point any fingers, but someone was sleeping in that bed, and that someone was sleeping, shall we say, more towards my side of the bed than his. Just sayin’.

And, there’s 3 batches of cookies that need to be mixed and baked before Friday for various kid’s school parties. And or reasons I’ll not go into right here and now, while fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the week preceding Halloween has very negative memories attached to it. So, I’m fighting off that. And we have company coming on Sunday, who, according to some people, are somewhat perfectionist when it comes to house cleaning. So, hubby is worried that our house isn’t clean enough, and I’m trying to be understanding and clean things I wouldn’t normally even think to clean, while at the same time attempting to throw away much clutter that has accumulated and taking care of a sick boy, and this morning I found myself trying out some new yarn I had bought to make David some new socks for Christmas. I just did a little swatch, to take the edge off.

This is going to be a great week. If I can just live through it.


1 Response to “I forgot to title this one, oops!”

  1. 1 silfert October 29, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Oh, poor baby! Yeah, bucket patrol is no fun for either participant…

    And I know what you mean about associations with certain holidays. Mine is Valentine’s Day.

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