A small case of finish-itis

Very small, but at least it’s there.  I finished the silk and merino lace fern hat thing for sister Dulcie, and was that ever a fun thing to knit.  There’s a scarf too, but that’s waiting.  I also finished 2 more calorimetries, one for a friend and the other for my sister.  I still have to go get the bead things, so I guess technically they’re not finished completely.

I’m almost done with David’s horcrux socks, take 3.  Did I mention that there’ll be 7 lightening bolts around the sock cuff?  And that in the books, there were a total of 7 horcruxes?  Cool, huh?  Also almost done with a quick little crocheted hat for the charity box at church.

I started an entrelac scarf, which was going to be for one of the other sisters, but it looks rather masculine, so I think it’s going to be for my brother instead.  It’s the Danica pattern from knitty.com, which I have to say I LOVE.  I thought it was going to be so hard, but the pattern is so well written that the only complaint I have is that the way I printed it out, the main things I repeat are on 2 pages, so I have to keep flipping it back and forth.  Yeah, that’s the complaint.  So, not much bad there.  I did figure out that I like it better if I slip the first stitch of the part where on the next go-around I’d be picking up stitches.  That way I can sort of do like I did for heel flaps on socks, and stick the left needle in there and sort of swoop it up and count as I swoop and make sure I swoop up the right number.  It’s going along fairly rapidly, and all in all a really fun knit.  And the yarn is very cool too.  It’s that Patons SWS stuff, in the natural navy, and I love watching the colors changing.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Know what was waiting for me at the Panera Bread where we gather most Friday nights to knit?  2 tables pushed together with a Reserved sign on them.  Seriously.  I got a picture and everything.


1 Response to “A small case of finish-itis”

  1. 1 Meredith November 24, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    It sounds like the knitting mojo is really flowing over in your corner of the universe! A finished object and tangible progress on several more is pretty good, I think. Plus, a reserved table is clearly a sign that the rest of the world is (slowly) coming to realize that knitters are a force to be reckoned with. That, or they’re hoping that if they treat you extra nice, you’ll knit them things…

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