But wait, there’s still more

Armando HatDanica scarf

Yes, even more FO’s, if you can believe it.  That’s the Armando Hat there, and it’s a really easy interesting knit.  And a free pattern on Ravelry too.  The link leads to the person’s blog, I thought maybe putting the Ravelry link would not help anyone who’s not on Ravelry.  Then again, who’s not on Ravelry yet?  Seriously, get yourself on the waiting list if you’re not.  If nothing else, it’s a fantastic pattern resource.  The hat used not even half a skein of Cascade 220, with a little stripe of some leftover Patons SWS, that I still didn’t use all of yet.  I started the female companion hat to the Armando, called the Amanda, for my brother’s fiance, seeing as how that hat is for him, sort of to continue the sort of matching but not exactly gifts I started last year with the scarves.  On her hat, I used a little bit more of the slate SWS because most of the notes I read about it stated that they used a little more than one skein of SWS, and I sure hate to run out at the top, and have those last 2 or 3 rounds be in a different color.  So, I did the garter stitch ribbing on the bottom in the slate, then I’m doing the rest of her hat in a nice color called geranium.  I bought it at that big Michaels sale, not even thinking that it was that pretty of a colorway, I was just grabbing like 1 skein of several colors to play with.  Turns out, I think this is almost the prettiest one.  Almost forgot, you can find the Amanda hat on that same blog.

The scarf, Danica from knitty.com, is amazing.  Too bad that my neck thinks that SWS is itchy.  A little.  It’s rather disappointing actually.  I wasn’t making this for myself anyway, but I had to call my sister and check if her hubby had sensitive neck skin.  She says no way.  So, Jim, this is for you.  It was quite possibly the most fun thing to knit ever.  It’s entrelac, and if you haven’t tried this technique yet, I encourage you to.  It’s a great fake out knit.  It looks amazing, especially in a self striping yarn, looks like it’s this difficult thing where you must have done a gazillion pieces and then sewn them all up together.  But I promise you it’s so way easier than that.  Seeing as how this was my very first entrelac pattern, I realize I don’t have much to compare it too, but this pattern is very well written.  The only thing I changed was that I did not change colors, as the pattern suggests, since I was using a color change yarn.  However, it would be very easy to change colors, just a pain to weave in ends.  One more change, on the sides of each row, I slipped the first stitch.  This made it look more like a standard heel flap on the sides, and when it came time to pick up the stitches to start the next section, it was very easy to sort of scoop the slipped stitches up and knit or purl into them.  Don’t worry, if you’re not into purling, this pattern, I think, would be also very cool in garter stitch.  Hey, that’s a cool idea.  You know, I have 3 skeins each of 2 more colorways.  Hmmm.  This scarf, if you’re wondering, took pretty much exactly 3 skeins.  It’s about 6 or so inches wide, and a little more than 60 inches long, by just eyeballing it.  Probably about 65 or maybe a smidge more, but I’m thinking not all the way to 70.  Although it could stretch, then it just wouldn’t be 6 inches wide anymore.  But I digress.

Back to the itchies.  It’s a shame really, because this yarn is so much fun to knit with.  The colors blend into each other, there’s not really a jarring color change, it’s just suddenly you realize that you’re working with pale green now when just a minute ago it was blue, or something like that.  And it feels so good going through my hands.  Later on, when I have more time (ha), I think I’m going to try to soak it in some conditioner or something.  I just did this one in some soak, and then put it on a towel to dry.  It does make good hats though.  I found a cute entrelac pillow cover/seat cushion pattern that I might try when I’m done with the Christmas knitting.  Or I may make that part of the Christmas knitting, who knows?

Side note, I wonder if one skein of SWS would make a pair of mittens…


1 Response to “But wait, there’s still more”

  1. 1 Meredith December 3, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    I really like that scarf! The entrelac does pretty things with the SWS color changes. I’ve never actually knit entrelac (I guess it’s just never been that high on my list of techniques to try out), but now I’m having visions of a pair of entrelec pillows knit with Noro or Kauni. Pillows with a different colorway on each side, I think. And maybe working from two balls on each piece so that every other set of squares is at a different point in the long color changes… Great, now look what you’ve started! 😉

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