Notes on the Amanda hat

Stripey Amanda Hat

Isn’t that pretty?  I’m trying to ignore the irony.  My brother’s had 2 serious girlfriends in his life.  The first was Amanda.  We all loved her.  She was so adorable.  Thought for sure they’d get married.  They grew apart, and are actually still friends.  Never could figure that one out.  His next girlfriend is Kristen.  I didn’t think that it was possible, but we love her even more.  They’re engaged.  Yippee!  He proposed last fall, and they waited to tell my dad about it until the day that would have been my parent’s anniversary.  Awwww.  Seriously.  So, I’m trying to ignore the odd-ness here that I’m giving Kristen a hat that happens to be named the same name as her fiance’s ex-girlfriend.  Knowing her though, she’d think it’s a hoot.

Notes though…Patons SWS  in Natural Geranium, a little bit of Natural Slate on the brim.  Turns out I would have had enough of the geranium, but this way her hat and Kyle’s hat are sort of coordinating without being to the point of throwing up.  Size 9 needles, but I did the decreasing on size 8 dpns, since I don’t have any 9 dpn.  I did 4 garter stitch ridges, 4 pattern repeats, 2 garter ridges (4 rows total), 3 1/2 more pattern repeats (I didn’t want to do the full 4 more, the hat was looking really tall), 2 more garter ridges, and then the decreases.  Pattern is the Amanda hat, here on this blog.

Hate to tempt fate here, but I’m doing pretty well on this Christmas knitting stuff here…

UPDATE!!!  I wrote all that last night, and guess what?  I tempted fate.  Crap.  I had Patrick try this hat on, thinking that since I have a few skeins of the SWS still to use, and thinking that I didn’t even use up a whole one on these hats, I thought that after Christmas I’d make some of these for the boys.  This hat almost fits him.  It’s just a little big.  Then I looked at the hat I made for him.  That hat is way smaller.  I thought, “Now wait a minute.  The pink hat is for a grown up.  Granted, she’s rather petite, and I still think it’ll fit her, but the pink hat fits my 6 year old.  And the hat I made him is much much smaller than the pink hat.  Crap.  I don’t think that the hat I made him is gonna fit him.”

Christmas 2008 for Patrick

I didnt’ want him to try it on since that would sort of give away the surprise.  So, last night in the dark, I had Russell try it on.  He couldn’t see that it was orange, so he wouldn’t announce loudly that that hat was Patrick’s favorite color and did I make that for him?  I just told him it was a hat and when he asked for who, I said I didn’t know yet.  I wasn’t really lying, since if didn’t fit him then I didn’t know who I was going to give it too.  Guess what?  It barely went on his head.  Too small.  And, if it’s too small for Russell, who’s 4, I’m fairly certain that it’ll be too small for Patrick.  Crap.

Guess who started a new hat last night using the other half of the orange skein?  I’m just hoping I can get a whole hat out of it without having to frog this one.  I think it’s going into the box for the church.  Somewhere there’s a toddler who’ll love this.

PS…extra points to anyone who can figure out what the theme of the blanket is underneath the hats.  You can look back on the previous posts too, I’ve been taking pictures the past few days all in the same place.


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