Patrick Christmas 2008, Take 2

That worked a lot better.  The Armando Hat, in Dark Fantasy Horse acrylic and a stripe of the leftover Patons SWS in Natural Slate.  That finally used it all up.   That cute little Noro Hat that was going to be for Patrick is going in the box for church. Nothing wrong with the pattern, I just estimated too small.  Dang it.

Dulcie's purse slippers

Aren’t those the cutest things?  They look like little purses, but they’re actually slippers!  This is one of the  projects for Steve’s sisters out in Denver and surrounding areas.  This sister has pretty much the same size feet as I do, so it was pretty easy to check the fit.  The yarn is very nice Plymouth Encore, and David has already claimed the remainder.  I’ll be putting these in the mail along with her silk/merino Fern Lace Hat.

In other knitting news, I’ve started on some knitted toilet paper for my dad, as a joke, although knowing him, he’ll think it’s a lap blanket.  There’s a story there.  Wanna hear it?  OK.  A few years ago, actually, quite a few years ago, my sister and I were gifted with the stash of a woman who passed away.  Her son and our dad are friends, and the son was talking to our dad and asking if he knew anyone who crocheted because his mom had all this yarn and he sure didn’t want to just throw it away.  He wanted to  make sure the yarn would go to someone who’d use it.  My dad, bless his heart, said that his daughters crocheted, so why not give it to them.  Luckily, I happened to be visiting from Florida that week, and Dad came over to my sister’s house with a pick-up truck bed full of garbage bags full of yarn.  My sister and I unloaded them and put them in the basement and proceeded to have more fun than I can remember in a long time sorting through as many of those bags as we could before I had to get back home.

We started with colors.  She’d get all the purples, I’d get all the greens, and the rest we’d sort of take little by little.  Then we came across yarn whose popularity was, shall we say, from a decade long ago.  Not the pretty fallish colors you see nowadays.  We’re talking 1970’s rust, avocado green, and that pukey gold/orange/whatever color.  We thought we’d better separate those from the rest of the pile, and took a handy dandy tomato box and put it in the corner and dubbed it the Fugly Pile.

Dad came over at some point to check on our progress, saw that pile, and exclaimed with joy, “Oh, these are nice!”  We tried to convince him, but he woudn’t budge.  Those were the best ones.  We decided that if he liked them that much, maybe we should make something for him.  We thought the only thing those colors really were good for would be to be stepped on.  I triple stranded and crocheted him a rug.  It was a pretty shell pattern, and I made it rather long, imagining that the rug would be for his kitchen along the side where his stove and sink are.  I sort of eyeballed the length and made the width about 2 feet or so.

Turns out Dad loved it.  He didn’t realize it was a rug, and was using it as a lap blanket.  Said it was too pretty to put on the floor.  Later on, I made him a smaller rug, one that he wouldn’t be able to use as a blanket.  And a cushion for his wooden chair.  And I still have some of the fugly yarn left over.

But this toilet paper is very cute.  I’m thinking of putting a note in there though…”This is not a lap blanket.”


1 Response to “Woo-Hoo”

  1. 1 Meredith December 7, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    I really like the hat. I think the slate stripe really makes it – just enough of something to be visually interesting without being “artsy” (which, I think, for many men translates to “girly”). And those slippers are intriguing. Kind of like thneeds for the feet…

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