Well, that was the opposite of fun

Being sick sucks.  Good thing I’m pretty much all better now.  Only have a stuffy nose and some chesty coughing.  That I can handle.  Running to the bathroom every few minutes, not so much.

Finally got to go back to knitting night last night.  It’d been way too long.  It was very relaxing.

On the knitting front, I’ve started a few things.  When I finally felt well enough to play with yarn again, I pulled out some of the sock yarn I got in Denver and started the Slippery Socks, from knitty.com.  They are really fun.  It’s sort of a combined cable pattern with slipped stitches thrown in there too, to make the little cables stand out even more.  The yarn is also very soft and squishy.  I’ve been warned though, by one of my knitting buddies, that this yarn tends to grow a bit.  So, the other yarns I have like this may become scarves and or fingerless gloves.

I also started David’s Harry Potter sweater.  4 times now.  But I think I have it.  It’s sort of a combination of 3 different sweater patterns.  He likes the color style of this one, but wanted it in turquoise and lime green.  Tropical.  He liked the cabling on this one, but didn’t want that much of it.  And I liked the seamless aspect of this one.  So, I’m sort of combining all of them.  I’m pretty much following the pattern for the top down, except I’m doing it in K2P2 rib.  And I’m adding 3 cables on each sleeve.  And a lime stripe across the chest and shoulders.

I started it once, and realized that the ribbing was all off and not symmetrical, so I re-counted and figured out what I needed to do to have them match up and cast on again.  Then I didn’t like the increases I was doing.  It just looked wonky.  I frogged it and thought it’d look nicer with a line of K2 down the raglan “seam”.  It looked better, but I thought maybe it’d look even nicer with a different increase.  So,frogged again, and re cast on again, this time trying to do the M1 where you do a half-hitch cast on thing and then knit into the back loop of it on the next round or something.  That was not working out the way I liked either.  It was leaving a sort of hole.  So, re did it again, and figured out a way to do the increases using just a Kf&b but on either side, so there’s one of the K2’s that stays the same, and anyway, it looks nice.  Then, I was about to join it in the round after all the increases to get the neckline the way it was supposed to be, when I noticed something.

The seams down the back side, separated by the K2’s, were matching.  Meaning that on either side of the seam (which really isn’t a seam, but I’m going to call it that for now) the ribbing was mirror images.  Where a K2 started on the left, there was a K2 starting on the right.  On the back seams, it matched up.  On the front seams, it didn’t.  This was because I was doing all sorts of increases, and really didn’t pay attention to how they were lining up at first.  And I tried really hard to not let it bother me.

I showed Steve, and he said it still looked great.  I showed David, who’s going to have to wear it, and he said it didn’t matter to him.  (How could it not matter?  It’s right there on the front?)  I tried to not let it bother me.  But it did.  Instead of frogging it though, I just re-cast on, using a different ball of yarn.  So, I could see my work and what I should have done and where.  Now, it looks way better.  I can breathe.  Don’t laugh, you probably would have done the same thing too.

And Kristi wanted some potholders like I made for Dad, so 2 of those have already been kicked out and I’m waiting to know if she wants me to felt them or if she wants to.

One last thing, well 2.  Here’s a shot of what the underseat storage looked like after I stuffed as much yarn as I could in there from Dulcie.

underseat storage

And here’s the jewels.  vintage yarn

Can you see the labels there?  The green is 100% pure acrylic from Zayre, a store that’s no more.  Funny story there about the name though.  I’ll tell you later.  The brown is some wool from Sears.  I had no idea Sears sold yarn.  Cool huh?  Makes up for all that time I spent in the bathroom.


1 Response to “Well, that was the opposite of fun”

  1. 1 Meredith January 11, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and back to knitting. 🙂

    And is it okay that I laughed because I would have done the same thing?

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