Ahhh, the memories

Guess what I was doing one year ago today?

Climbing rocks with my kids on the rocky beach in back of our resort on Kauai.

Now, I don’t miss Hawaii that much; I know, there are some folks out there who’d think I’m nuts, but believe me, there was a backstory there that tainted the entire trip.  If you have an hour or so, look back at the archives from January of 2008 and grab some chocolate.

I do miss that rocky beach though.  It was fun, and interesting, and the kids loved it, and I really wasn’t worried about them being swept out to sea like I normally am on a regular beach.  Later that day, I think was when we went to the Farmer’s Market thing and bought coconuts with the straws in them and I had coconut milk.

If you’ve ever bought a coconut in the store, one of those hard brown things, and hammered a screwdriver in one of the holes, and then tried to drink the “milk” out, you might have been grossed out.  I know I was.  Milk?  It tasted more like watered down coconut juice.  Very watered down.  On Kauai, I think I figured out why.  All the flavor went into the flesh on those brown ones.

When you drink the milk from a fresh coconut, it’s so amazingly coconut flavored, you’re surprised you don’t have to chew.  It’s creamy, coconutty, and really refreshing.  The flesh on the other hand, is rather bland.  And like jelly.  Rather gross.  I know because later on, I cracked mine open, and it was not that good.    Interesting, huh?

Now, one reason I don’t miss Hawaii that much is because I’m totally a seasonal girl.  I love me some crisp fall weather, I’m the first one out in the snow when it’s falling, I’m out there in the mud looking for the first bulb shoots coming up in the spring, and I’m out there every day, it seems, cutting the grass or trimming things or doing gardening things, or sometimes just sitting on the back deck with some yarn watching the boys play.  Hawaii was nice and all, but it doesn’t snow there.

Or here either.  My sister called from Aurora, IL, the other day.  They got a blizzard of sorts.  I’m so jealous.  If I’m not going to be in Hawaii this week, is it too much to ask for a little flake or 5?

On the knitting end, much has progressed, but no pictures have been taken, sorry.  David’s sweater is coming along nicely; the cables on the sleeves have 3 crossings in them so far.  My slippery’s are fun to knit.  I think I may try a new heel thing I saw on ravelry.  Right now I’m just doing a few increases on the foot part before I start in on the heel.  Found some old yarn in the car that’s soy and wool, so I’m sort of wondering how quickly I can crank out another potholder for my sister.  And I’m itching to make an entrelac cushion using the directions for that Danica scarf  I made for my brother in law.  It’s rather simple really, you just do multiples of 10.  Then there’s a new hat, for David since he liked Patrick’s so much.  And Patrick wants fingerless mitts like the ones I made Russell, but he hasn’t picked out the yarn yet.

OK, then, enough computer stuff, bring on the knitting.  Right after I put away the Christmas tree.


2 Responses to “Ahhh, the memories”

  1. 1 silfert January 14, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Ah, weather. In California we had sunny and beautiful with patches of hurricane. Here, we get seasons. I do remember waking up in the mornings to feed the chickens (in California) and having to chip ice in the water bowls…

  2. 2 Fran January 14, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    I used to love snow as a kid, then I had to start driving in it, and so ended my love of winter. I’ve never been to Hawaii but would love to go. I could definitely live in a place that was sunny year round – volcano eruptions and tropical storms I could do without though.

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