Still alive

Sorry about that…I just lost track of time.  Plus, I kept thinking I’d wait to do an entry until I took pictures of some of my stuff to post on here, then kept forgetting to take pictures.  Then it’d be a cloudy day and real icky and I wouldn’t want pictures in that, so I’d wait until a sunny day.  Then it’d be sunny and I’d completely forget.  I think I may be getting old.

But not as old as hubby.  Know what he did?  Took his car in for a tune-up/ oil change/ detailing and whatever all else they did.  Prior to that, he sort of cleaned it out a bit.  There was still apparently some stuff in there which the car dudes put in a bag in his car.  Hubby was going to trash it, but then thought he should go through it first, just in case.  He found in there a check from my dad for our birthdays ( they’re one day apart, so Dad usually sends out the $ at the same time; way easier that way), and guess when the check was from?  2005.  August.  Nice huh?  I had signed it, and given it to him to sign and deposit.  He never did.  I told him he better call my dad before he did anything with that.

I’ve been trucking along on David’s sweater. I got to the part where we thought would be a good place for the lime green stripe, and did about 6 or 8 rows of the green and showed it to him.  I could tell he wasn’t overly pleased, but I couldn’t get him to say anything.  I think he didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but I finally6 convinced him.  I told him that if there was something he didn’t like it’s better to tell me right now instead of after it’s finished.  He sort of didn’t like the stripe.  So, I ripped that out and continued on with the blue.  Now I’m in the black hole waiting to get to the magic number of measuring the raglan part to be 10 1/2 to 11 inches.

I also started on another pair of socks that I’m making for Steve’s mom.  I found some Knitpicks Essentials in my stash, and thought it’d make some good Monkey’s.  I did twisted rib at the back, since they’re sort of anklets.  One’s already done and the other one is about 1/3 of the way up the foot.  Steve goes down to FL later this month and I wanted to have something he could take down to her.  I may also be making a run to the LYS to look at some bamboo yarn.  I think I want to make her a little scarf or something.  I had been working on this alpaca one, but I’m thinking it’ll be just too warm for FL, so I thought bamboo would be neat.  I figure I’ll go there and see what I can find.

Kids are invited to a Chuck E. Cheese party next Saturday.  I can hardly wait.

Did I mention how well the birthday party went?  It was pretty great.  We only had 4 guests come, due to pretty much everyone else having basketball games that afternoon.  Note to self, perhaps schedule parties for 11 year olds and up later on in the evening.  Or not…

I’m currently fighting an obsession with entrelac.  I did that scarf for my sister’s hubby for Christmas, and I saved 6 balls of that SWS to something else with, and I’m thinking about a pillow cover.  One side with 3 of the balls and one side with the other 3.  Or a felted bag or something.  I just really want to do some more of that.

But I have so many things to at least attempt at finishing.  I should really list them out to motivate myself…

1. the Slippery socks – they’re fun and that yarn is the stuff from Denver…very green and pretty and they’ll be so nice when they’re done.  These are being done at the same time with 2 sets of needles, and I’m over the heel part and I think I’m about to start the pattern all the way around.  So, I’m totally on the home stretch here, why can’t I just sit down and get going?

2. David’s sweater – as previously mentioned, I’m currently in the raglan black hole.  I think I need a little break from this one.  Know what I read though?  From the Queen of Knitting herself…EZ said that when she’s on one of those things where it seem like she’s knitting on and on and not making any progress, she puts a safety pin in when she gets started.  Then after she’s been working on it a while, she can compare where she is to where the pin is when she started and see that she actually did make some progress.

3. Crayon Sweater for me.  I started this last year.  V-neck raglan, plain on stockinette.  I’m almost to the point as well where I’ll divide off the arms.  I just feel guilty working on mine when David’s is sitting there staring at me.

4. the other sweater for me out of the yarn I won at the fair.  It’s going along great, but the pattern’s getting a little boring.  I’m wondering if I should just frog it and make the February Lady’s sweater that I was going to make in the first place.  I want to get this one done because I promised the remainder of the yarn to my friend to helped my win it by showing me where by cabling boo boo was in the entry.  She’s not pressuring me or anything, it’s just me.

5. the crocheted Bucs blanket.  That’s another entry in itself.  Look at my projects page if you feel the need.

6.  the corset-tee thing for me also.  I love the alpaca and cashmere, but again, the guilt thing.

7. jaywalkers for me.  One sock is done, I just have to do the other one.  I’d really like to get this done before spring time, as the colors are very spring-y.

8. socks for my sister.  Plain old regular socks.  These normally reside in my purse, so I work on them while I’m waiting in line somewhere or something.  No big rush on these either though.

9. the feather and fan alpaca shawl I’ve been working on for years.  I recently drug this out from the bottom of my yarn bag and realized that it’s either about at or just past the halfway point.  There’s no rush on this one, but I do take it out now and then and do a couple of passes.

Good grief, there’s 9 things up there.  And that’s not even including the ones I’m doing for the sisters…there’s a pair of slippers, and a purse that have already been started, and about 4 or 5 things that haven’t been cast on yet.

I just had an idea…what if when I get that bamboo yarn, I make an entrelac scarf thing for Steve’s mom?  That’ll take care of the entrelac thing I have going.  Then again, maybe she’d like something more lacey…I could check my queue, or that book I got with all the lacey patterns…then I could just make up my own…I know if I go on Ravelry to look something up, I’m just going to be sucked in…..oops.  I think I may have found the problem with why I’m not getting as much done as I want to.

Should I ground myself from the internet?


2 Responses to “Still alive”

  1. 1 Meredith February 2, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Wow, and I thought I had a lot of UFOs… Glad to hear that you haven’t fallen off the planet or been eaten by your stash or anything like that! And no, don’t ground yourself from the internet – just figure out a way to restrict your access to Ravelry. It won’t keep it from being a serious time sink once you’re on, but if you’re on less often, it has less opportunity to be a time sink. 🙂

  2. 2 silfert February 3, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    And there was much cackling and nodding of the head…

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