February Knitting

Well, let’s see if this works. We have 2 computers at home. One is so old, there’s not even a place on the big thing for the camera cord to plug in to. The other one is newer, and a while back, it caught a virus or something, and it often doesn’t work. But, that’s the only one I can upload pictures too. Unless I somehow convince hubby to put them on his laptop, which is a whole can of headaches.

Here’s what’s been going on…

This would have been a picture of the lovely Monkey’s I knitted for Steve’s mom. I did the no-purl ones, and I used Knitpicks Essential.

Here’s where I would have put a picture of the cute little ascot thing called Friday, also for Steve’s mom. I told him to tell her, but I don’t know if he will, that it’s for her to wear. However, if she suddenly feels the need to strangle someone, it can also serve that purpose. It’s a lovely new yarn called Mirasol Nuna; 40% merino, 40% silk, and 30% bamboo. I think that if she does use it to strangle someone, the last thought before passing out will be, “Ooooohhh, silk!”

Here’s the progress on the green Slippery‘s. I’m now going off of 2 charts, one for the front and back and a smaller one for the sides. The only problem I can foresee will occur when I’m done with the first repeat of the smaller chart, and have to start that one over, but I won’t be done with the front/back one. Right now, round 6 is round 6. The smaller chart is only something like 18 rounds, about. The larger one is 24 I think, so they don’t match. I may just re-label the chart for each repeat.

Ok, what to not show you a picture of next? Hmmm, perhaps the February Lady sweater. It’s coming along quite well, after very many waste yarn things to try it on to see when to start the lace pattern and end for the sleeves. But, I’m on the lace now, and it’s going along very smoothly. Except for the parts where I forget the second yo, and don’t catch it until the next pattern row, but I can usually just go down and draw up a loop where there was supposed to be one and ladder up.

I’m liking the pattern so much that I decided to start another one, out of the alpaca I got locally. If the stupid computer would allow me the privilege of uploading a picture here, you’d see the lovely hanks that hubby bought me for my birthday last year. You’d see that I’ve already wound the lightest cream into a ball, and I’m already several rows into the garter stitch yoke part. You’d also see the other 4 hanks resting comfortable nearby, in their graduating colors of natural browns. The lightest cream is for the top, then a darker cream, then a tannish color, then a medium brown, then the darkest is a chocolate brown, which will be for the bottom part.

The plan here is to finish the first one first, and sort of use that as a measurement to judge for the second one. According to the alpaca guy, each hank is about 200 yards, and I originally thought of just knitting until I ran out, then switching, but I may attempt at doing something a little more even. I’ll try to finish the first one, and measure how long exactly I did it, then divide it up according to the 5 colors I have. Of course, this may net to be exactly the same as if I had just knit until I ran out and then switched colors, but there’s this part of me that’s anal enough to want to make sure somehow.

Oh yes, almost forgot the last 2 pictures that won’t get from the computer to the blog. The computer is holding them hostage, for what I know not. It’s the fingerless mitts I’m making out of the Frog Tree alpaca that my friend gave me, and they’re coming along great. I think these are going to the poor dear lady who cuts our whole family’s hair. Here’s where you don’t ask me why I didn’t make her the strangling thing.

And the last one, I’m ashamed to admit, is more socks. I just couldn’t hold out any longer on the Knitpicks Imagination. I think they’re just going to be regular boring ones, but since I’m not even done with the toe yet, as you can’t see at all since the computer won’t give up it’s grip on the lovely picture, time will tell.

A few things I forgot to even take pictures of, so take that, you stupid computer, David’s sweater has finally crossed the line of the armpit. The sleeves are on waste yarn and many many inches of K2P2 ribbing await. Also, a cute little cowl out of some yarn handspun by another friend, is almost done, I’m sad to say. I’m trying to drag it out a little.

That is all. I’m going to post this, then possibly drop this computer into oblivion. Hubby’s not here, so I have some time to come up with a good story as to why it’s laying out in the back yarn with several dents and possibly a gunshot or two. Wait, I have boys. I bet there’s a baseball bat in the garage somewhere…

Anyone see that movie Office Space? Remember what they did to the copy machine? Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.


2 Responses to “February Knitting”

  1. 1 Meredith February 19, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    As soon as you said, “drop this computer into oblivion,” I was thinking, “you should totally go Office Space on it.” Ha! Either great minds think alike, or small minds think in small circles. I vote for the first! 😉

    Your February knitting sounds lovely. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a thing or ten on the needles. It minimizes the separation anxiety when you finish something. As for me, I’ve started three projects in the past four days, and am trying really hard not to start another two tomorrow… So yeah, I’m all about having lots of WIPs.

  2. 2 Julie February 20, 2009 at 9:00 am

    I have a trash compactor. It would do nicely I think. Ask me how I know…Julie

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