What the heck?

That’s what I get for trying to type in a post while waiting for supper to get done.  And that’s what I get for not proof reading before posting. Was anyone else confused after reading that last post?  I was.

First off, the first sentence in the second paragraph wasn’t even a sentence.  I guess it could qualify as one, but that’s not the way I meant it.  It was supposed to be something along the lines of “thanks to my knitting friends, I’m almost done with the body part of the sweater”.  I got the “thanks” part in, but then started off on a tangent and it just went way far away after that.

Then, I was going to explain how the kind lady who had just made one helped me.  She got up, and adjusted the back of the sweater over my backside, insisting that it didn’t matter if it was on that small of a needle, she could still tell how long it was.  Then when she poked me in the place where it was, and I said I wanted it a little longer that that, she even reminded me about the garter stitch border at the bottom, and that I should allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches for that.  Didn’t mention that at al, did I?  Nope.

Lastly, about that yarn for the “new” sweater.  I know I said how I bought 3 balls to make a scarf with.  Was anyone by chance wondering how on earth I was going to get a sweater out of 3 balls?  Unless they were 300 yard balls, which they’re not.  I left out an entire chapter of the story!  Here it is, or to quote Monk, here’s what happened…

I had the 3 balls, and thought maybe it could be a sweater, so I went on Ravelry, mostly because I had no idea how many yards of super bulky it would take.  I pretty much knew it’d take more than the 300 yards I had.  My plan was, to get an idea of what it would take, then to go back to HL and see if they had anymore of that dye lot, and try to get enough.  If there wasn’t, well then, it’s just destined to be a scarf.  On the other hand, if I could just find 5 more balls, I’d be ok.  Guess what?  You know the answer, since I ended the story yesterday.  I found 6.

Know what’s more debilitating than yarn fumes?  Fried cabbage fumes.

Today I baked the cake, tonight will be beginning the decorating as well as taking the birthday boy over to the party store to let him pick out some decorations and prizes for his friends.   Tomorrow’s the party.  If you know me in real life, and know where I live, you’re welcome to come over and at least see the masterpiece of a sand castle cake I’ll be creating.

I may even let you make one of the candy sea shells.


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