Why, yes, I have been knitting

Why do you ask?

The weather here’s been very odd.   One day I’ll be so glad we left the flannel sheets on the boys beds, and the next day we’re arguing about turning on the air conditioner in April.

Here’s a couple of things I finally finished.  First off those Serpentine Mitts.  These were so amazingly cool to knit up.  The only thing I’m going to do differently if I knit them again, which I’m fairly sure I will, will be to center the thumb gusset in between a K2, instead of having it sit next to a K2.  It works fine, I just think it looks a little off.  But the cabling was so fun, and the way the writer had the pattern row # line up with how many stitches you have on the thumb gusset was genius.   If I ever stopped and lost my marker for the cable chart, I just counted up my thumb gusset st, and there’s the row #.

Serpentine MittsForgive my short fat fingers, these really are fantastic.  I gave them to the lady who cuts my boys’ hair.  She’s fantastic too.

Also, I finished up those slippers for Maureen.  Here they are just laying on the bed after I sewed them up and added the flower and border.  Don’t look much like slippers, do they?

Thneed slippers flat

Well, check this out:  Ta da!

Thneed slippers on the footThat’s the top view.  The middle part of ribbing is where you put your foot, and it stretches out to cover the whole bottom of the foot.  Then the triangle parts overlap on the top of your foot, and the long garter parts criss-cross in front and then tie on back.  Here’s one  more from the side:

Thneed slippers side viewMake sense now?

Just found out too that a good friend of hubby’s from college just had her first baby, and it’s a girl.  Figures.  But it at least gives me a chance to knit or crochet something frilly again.  I’m thinking of the February Baby sweater and a matching hat a booties, or maybe just a blanket.  They live in CA, so it’ll probably have to be something not too hot.  Perhaps I’d better just make a quick visit to a yarn store to look for inspiration…


1 Response to “Why, yes, I have been knitting”

  1. 1 Meredith April 28, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    I like the slippers – especially the little purple flowers. I think the green trim is a nice touch, too. And they make so much more sense seen on a foot instead of just flat! 🙂

    The need for inspiration sounds like an excellent excuse for going to a yarn shop. And I’m all for any excuse for going to a yarn shop!

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