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Getting ready

The countdown has begun.  Next weekend I get to go to visit my sister.  ALL BY MYSELF.  Steve’s going to get off work as early as he can on Thursday, which I’m hoping will be around lunchtime.  I’m loading up his car with yarn and clothes, and driving over to Aurora, IL.  I’ll be spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with her, and then driving back on Monday.  So far, here’s my “Do not forget to bring these things” list:

the yarn I got for here on clearance at Hobby Lobby

the yarn I ordered for her from Knitpicks

the yarn we’re going to try to dye using some red dirt she brought back from Kauai

my ball winder

See a pattern here?

But more importantly, no I haven’t yet decided on what projects to bring.  I better get to it.  Only a few more days!


Like it?

This is about as green as I go.  In celebration of summer, I’m going green.  The snowy scene will return in time.


The boys are so excited.  It’s officially summer vacation.  I have to admit I too am a little psyched.  We’ve started a notebook of things we’d like to do this summer, places to go, projects, stuff like that.  I figure I’ll wait until the “I’m bored” stage kicks in and pull out that notebook.  Any bets on how quickly that’ll be?

Guess what?  In just 2 weeks, I whipped out a pair of socks for Steve’s mom!

Dulcie's Pixie Dust socksHe had flown down there to surprise his mom for Mother’s Day (she had been having a really bad day), and I had him take some hanks down with him for her to choose from.  He came back Monday morning, then had to go to work, and had some meeting thing afterwards, got home around 10, and let me know what she chose.  This was her first pick, which really surprised me.  She’s not normally one for pastels.   It’s Imagination sock yarn from, and I have socks in the exact same colorway.  I wore them when we were down there over spring break, and she loved them.  So, now she has a pair of her own.

Steve is flying down there as I type, and he’ll give them to her.  I bet her feet are going to feel so pampered.

Here’s a few pics of what’s been occupying my time.

Russell's EOY program at preschoolRussell at his End of Year program at his preschool.  This is the shot where they’re doing the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why does it look like I spelled that wrong?  Nevermind.  They sang a bunch of songs, all were very adorable, and it was a nice program in all.

David's newspaperI know, you can’t read that at all.  It belongs to my oldest son, David.  He takes enrichment classes 2 times a week, and this was one of his projects.  It’s a Civil War era newspaper.  Very amusing.

Sharpie shirtsThese were some t-shirts that the other enrichment classes made, but I wanted to post them if only so that I can remember how she said they made them.  For the most part, they used black sharpies.  They put a glass jar under one layer of the shirt, and slightly stretched it around the opening, securing it with a rubber band.  Then they drew a circle with the sharpie, and using a dropper, dropped rubbing alcohol onto the circle.  The marker broke down into it’s various colors, and spread out.  Very cool.  We’re so doing this this summer.

Steve and me at the Enrichment Museum

This is me and Steve at the Enrichment Museum.  Russell saw me taking pictures of the stuff, and he wanted to take our picture.  And no, I’m not pregnant, it’s just a very unflattering angle.  And yes, that’s the February Lady sweater, still sans buttons.

Russell's EOY picnicRussell’s preschool had a picnic on the last day.  That’s him there, in the green shirt.  He was so excited to eat his lunch at school.

David at Author's award ceremonyThis is a cool story.  The kids all do several writing assignments during the year.  Some of them turn out quite good.  There’s a senior at the high school who thought, how much would it inspire these kids to see their stories published?  So, this senior got a group of other HS’ers together and got a publisher to donate, and started asking teachers for submissions.  Back in April, we got a permission slip to sign, asking if it was acceptable to include a story David had written, and we said sure.  This was the awards night, in which they announced each students’ name and read a snippet of what they wrote, and they were each given a copy of the book which included all of the stories.  It was very cool.

Let’s see, what else?

Russell climbingThat’s Russell up there, giving me more gray hairs.  David’s class had a party over at a park near the school, and we went too to let Russ run around a bit.  All the 5th graders were so nice.  They stopped jiggling that climbing thing whenever Russ got on to climb.

Patrick's award ceremony, 1st gradeIsn’t that an adorable smile?  Patrick has lost 3 of his 4 front teeth, and the other one’s loose too.  I’m considering fixing corn on the cob.  This was at his little award ceremony for 1st grade.

Well, that’s all for pictures right now.  Today we made pretzels, and they were a little odd.  Can’t exactly put my finger on it, but if we do this again, I think I’ll google a different recipe perhaps.  We were going to go to a park to play afterwards.  The weather was supposed to be rainy and crappy this morning, and then just crappy this afternoon, but guess what?  It’s raining now!  Sorry kids, no park today.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be sunny and nicer.  Please, God, let it be nicer tomorrow.

On the knitting front, besides those socks I kicked out so quick, I’ve been playing around with something called the Diamond Girl.  I’m almost done with the top part, but I think it may be a little tight, so I’m doing the sleeves then I’ll pin them on and make sure it all goes together well.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I have enough yarn to do it a little bigger.  I’m using that alpaca and the cashmere I got for Mother’s Day last year.  Only, I think I’m going to have to divide out that cashmere.  It’s an aran weight, and it looks really odd next to the sport weight alpaca.  It looks like a 4 ply, but each of those 4 plies are actually 2 plies themselves, so I guess it’s an 8 ply.  I separated one hank out into 2-2 plies each of the 100 yards the hank is.  Wow did that take a long time.  I did the ribbing on the bottom of the sleeve with those 2 plies, and it looks so much better.  So, looks like that’s the way to go.  Now if I only knew a more simple way to divide those up.

Maybe it’s a middle child thing

Exhibit #1:

Patrick's Stroud's hat

Exhibit #2, from the side:

Stroud's hat, side view

We spent Sunday afternoon at the zoo, and then decided to go to the best chicken place we know of, Stroud’s.  There are no words.

There were leftovers.  We plan that way.  They brought us containers and bags and this is what Patrick thought to do with one of the leftover bags.

I swear, he doesn’t get that from my side of the family.

Know how I know?

Cause my side of the family would have taken a pair of scissors to that bag and cut around and around and around until there was a long long long strip of plastic.  Then we would  have crocheted it into a rug.  Now, that’s just what my dad’s Aunt did.  As to why she had saved up over 459 empty margarine/yogurt/cottage cheese/etc. containers (with their matching lids) is beyond anyone’s scope of understanding.


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