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OK, so maybe I am easy.

The 23rd was our 18th wedding anniversary.  Pretty much a given, apparently.  We got married on a Sunday.  It was a family tradition from my mom’s side.  I always loved the idea of getting up, going to church, going back home, getting all dressed up, and going back to church.  We had an amazing ceremony that we wrote ourselves.  I still have that bright pick spiral notebook with the entire thing written out in cursive.  We took things from different places, the Methodist Hymnal, things we had seen or heard done at other weddings, things from our parents’ weddings.  I started crying when Mary started playing the first chords of the organ, and pretty much cried through the entire thing.  I think I stopped around the candle lighting.   I know I wasn’t crying at the kiss, but that was the absolute last thing.   I’ve seen other weddings in which the minister pronounces them hubby and wife and says you can kiss the bride, and then goes on to do other things.  I always wondered, if they’re now pronounced, shouldn’t it be over?  What else is there?  We agreed that the pronouncing and the kiss would be the absolute last thing.  “I pronounce you hubby and wife, kiss, and get out.”  Or something like that.  It may have been more elegant.

As for celebrating, we went to Jack Stack for BBQ.  Then to Sheridan’s Frozen Custard for a Wedding Cake Concrete, which we shared.   It was a nice evening.  And no, Lynn, the whistling and the pool thing didn’t come until later.  Whistling takes practice, don’t you know?  You can’t do it right on the first try!

Oh yes, I dyed some more yarn the other day.  Green.  I’ll try to post pics soon.


A Brief Quiz

Guess what I was doing 18 years ago today?

What I got in the trade

I forgot to even mention these!  My sister gave me a bunch of yarn.  In trade sort of.  When my Hobby Lobby was having a huge $1.99 sale, I got her a bunch of different purples that I thought she’d like.  When her Michaels was having their $1 sale, she bought a bunch of ones that she thought I’d like, and here they are!

Lion Wool, Majestic Mountain2 balls of Lion Wool in Majestic Mountain.  She remembered I like to felt things now and then.  These are terrific boy colors too.   They’d make really warm mittens too.  Hmmm.

Lion Wool, Ocean Blues

This one’s called Ocean Blues.  David had already begged for at least one of them.  I debating.

Lion Wool, Sage

Lion Wool in Sage, also 2 balls.  Have no idea what I’m going to do with this.  Suggestions will be considered.

Patons SWStripes, Natural Green

Patons SWS in the Natural Green.  It’s fascinating to me that not only are these the same colorway, they’re the same dye lot.  Don’t look the same, do they?  Speaking of same dye lot, I forgot again to mention something.  One of those purple yarns I got for her, she thought looked familiar.  She thought perhaps she had bought a few herself.  She went and checked the stash, and sure enough, she had I think 4 balls of it.  I had given her 4 balls.  That made 8 balls, but that’s not all.  They were ALL the same dye lot!  Can you believe that?  I made sure the ones I got her here in Kansas were all the same, and she must have done the same when she got hers up in IL, but to have both of us pick the same dye lot?  I thought that was pretty cool.

Patons SWSolid, Natural RaisinMore Patons SWS, this a solid, in the Natural Raisin color.

Patons Lacette

Any ideas for this too?  8 balls of Patons Lacette for a total of 1880 yards of fingering.  I thinking a sort of lacy looking sweater perhaps?

The yarn is dry!

Red Dirt yarn, all dry, June 2009

Isn’t that cool?  The only problem is that the yarn is smelly.  Not exactly vinegar smell, not exactly wet Peruvian sheep smell, just weird odd not real pleasant smell.  So, now that it’s all dry, I’m soaking it in my sink with some lavender soak.  I hope I can hang it outside to dry, but it’s supposed to rain at some point today, so I’ll just have to keep my eyes on the sky.

In the meantime, I can’t decide.  I’m torn.  Part of me wants to wind another ball of the Bare stuff, in a different yarn, perhaps the superwash, and try dyeing right away again with my Wilton stuff.  You know, just as a test, so I know about how long it’ll take, so that when we visit my sister and do it some more, I’ll have a gauge.  Part of me says no, that’s not right, you have eleventy million wips that really need to be worked on, especially those things for all Steve’s sisters who’ve been more than patient.

Then there’s that little voice who just wants to ignore all of them and cast on a new pair of mittens or fingerless gloves with this:

Freedom Spirit, June 2009

Working on it

After my shameful post yesterday, and by the way, DO NOT tell my hubby about the tomato boxes.  He already worries enough about my sanity, I realized just how many of those things did not even have a Ravelry page.  So, I’m trying to get those done today.  In between the “Mommy!” ‘s.

We fixed fruit salad for lunch today.  Strawberries, bananas, grapes, and some peaches.  All fresh.  Patrick helped by cutting up some of the fruit.  He was very unsure about using the sharp knife.  He asked, “Are you sure I can use this one?”

I’m also attempting to upload a video to my facebook page.  How long does that take?

Oh, and the dye job looks fairly good.  Here’s a pic:

Red dirt dyed yarn, with the original, June 2009 (Knitipcks Palette)Not too much difference, but I can tell.  That’s the red dirt that my sister washed out of her t-shirt that she bought on Kauai last January.  And that’s my oldest holding up the other half of the Palette hank that I didn’t dye, for comparison.  It’s sort of a natural, off white color.

Oh, and I found this on the camera:

Mother's Day, 2009

That’s my Mother’s Day from this year.  Hubby got me some fancy schmancy chocolates that honestly, I felt guilty eating.  They were alright, but when he said not to ask him how much they cost, because I would have freaked out, somehow it made it worse.  I’m just a simple Hershey girl.  The yarn was better.  He got me 2 hanks of Cascade 220 in a natural and white twist, and 2 balls of what he thought was sock yarn.  I guess I could use it for that, but it’s some brand that I can’t remember now.  It’s a really lovely grape-y color, and 100 % cotton.  I don’t know what I’ll do with it frankly.  Just the thought that he went into a yarn shop for me is enough.

Did you see the Trilobite hat from the new Knitty?  Somehow I missed it the first time around, and only caught it because one of my Ravelry friends queued it.  David already loves it enough to go looking through his stash to find me yarn to make it for him out of.  He’s so cute.  He wants a color that’s going to “make it pop”.

Oh, sweet finishitis, where are you?

If I can get the other computer working, I’ll post here a pic of just the WIP’s that I’m willing to admit to right now.  This is only the ones I’m actually currently working on.

WIP's, June 2009

In no particular order, they are:

David’s sweater, has entered the black hole of ribbing.  I need I think 16 inches or so, and it seems like it keeps measuring 13 or 14.

David's tropical sweater, June 2009

Maureen’s purse, only needs a handle and to be seamed up.  With the lining.  Oh and a button.

Maureen's purse, June 2009

Maureen’s socks.  These have taught me that it doesn’t matter how cool the pattern is, plain black sock yarn is boooooring.

Maureen's socks, June 2009

The slippery socks, pattern from  I was making these for the fair, but I’m frankly stuck at the part where I need to work off of 2 charts at once, and the row counts are different.  I did fine on the first chart repeat, row 1 on chart 1 is row 1 on chart 2.  But when I got to row 25 on chart 1 is row 3 on chart 2, or something like that, my brain just snapped.

Slippery socks, June 2009

Another pair of socks, these are destined for the fair, I believe.  Very cool pattern, very cool yarnRattlesnake Creek, I think.

Rattlesnake Creek socks, June 2009

Another pair of socks, these out of some new yarn I found at HL.  Size 3 needles, so they were going much faster, but I think I may need the needles for a new thing I want to do for my dad’s birthday.  I don’t even have a Ravelry project listed yet on these.  Oops.

HL socks, June 2009

A Berroco suede fringey vest thing for sister in law Dulcie.  No Rav thing on this yet either.  But, it’s odd.  The suede yarn, well, it’s interesting.

Dulcie's vest, June 2009

My Mother’s Day sweater, so named because I got the yarn on Mother’s Day.  The purple cashmere from hubby, and the rose alpaca from the now famous sister of stash room fame.  And they totally didn’t plan that the yarns go together.

Mother's Day sweater, June 2009

A stuffed tooth pillow, for the state fair charity toy giveaway thing.  This one is for the over 3 years old.

The dodecahedron thing, Celestine, also for the state fair charity toy giveaway thing.  This one is for the under 3 years old.

Yet another Amanda/Armando hat.  Out of the Poems yarn I got up in Wheaton, IL.

A tank top sort of thing made out of that corn yarn.

The alpaca lace weight shawl for Maureen.

Crocheted potholder out of the recycled yarn that I was making those Rattlesnake socks out of.  I’m using a diagonal crochet technique that’s very cool looking with this slow color change yarn.

Diagonal Crocheted Potholder, side 1

BSJ, for a college friend who had a baby girl.  She swears that they dress her in bright colors.  She lives in CA, and asked for something for the fall.  I just have to finish seaming up the one shoulder and find some very cool buttons.  I still don’t have a Ravelry page up for this yet either.

Tonia's BSJ, June 2009

Heart hat, from EZ also, made to go with above BSJ.  Also for same baby, and also, no Ravelry page yet.  Dang, I am seriously slacking.  Clue that you may have too many things started?  No time to put up new project pages.

Heart hat, June 2009

Yet another pair of socks, for Steve’s mom.  Yet again, no Ravelry project page.  Wow.  But the pattern is amazing.  The pattern writer actually took the time to reverse the chart for the other sock.  Very nice.  As she says on her pattern, ” The charts are mirror images, which actually isn’t so obvious in the knitted sock. But just knowing I’m wearing symmetrical socks is enough for me! So you can knit mirror imaged socks, or just use one chart for both. ”

Dulcie's Zephyr socks, June 2009

OK, and one last confession to make:  I got a call from the Louisburg Cider Mill that they were saving “some” tomato boxes for me.  This was the back of my minivan.

Oops, June 2009

Know what?  Those places where you see 2 tomato boxes stacked on top of one another?  There’s actually another tomato box secretly inside them.  So, guess who’s planning on a major stash re-organization?  Wanna come over and help me?

Yes, that is better, thanks for asking!

Note to the Yarn Harlot,

Yes, that’s WAY better, you have NO idea.

I don’t think the neutral colors will be a downer at all.  Just perhaps more challenging to describe.  I do like your “sheepy colors” though.

And yes, actually I’d love a tutorial on picking up stitches in garter st.  I seem to have, well, challenges in correctly identifying the correct side upon which to pick up said stitches so as not to leave a big gap or have 2 lines of bumps real close together.  I’m also interested in knowing how loosely you’re binding off so as not to create the dreaded wave blanket, which, if you think about it, could be sort of how EZ figured out the BSJ.  Hmmm.


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