You know, I was thinking today, as I labored over the back yard, going back and forth, side to side, around the swingset, etc etc.

Know when the last time was I went to my sister’s for the weekend?

I do.

Here’s a hint: I was nursing.

Yes, my last girl’s weekend included a boy.

My sister’s birthday was on a Saturday, and her hubby was going out of town for some reason, I don’t remember now.  She was jokingly complaining how she was going to spend her birthday all by herself.  Joking because she’s like me in that respect, meaning that being by ourselves is pretty much preferred.  But I thought, wouldn’t it be neat to surprise her and fly up there?  We were living in FL at the time, so driving just would not have been an option.

Steve got me a ticket and a rental car up there, and I flew up on Friday morning, with Russ, since he was nursing still (he was a little over a year, and plus, I think Steve was a little concerned about taking care of all 3 of them for a few days), the flight was as good as flights can be.  I didn’t want to take anything for motion sickness, the nursing and all, and ended up throwing up at my dad’s later that day.  Not fun at all.

But now that Russ is 5, I get to go again.  Today I’m packing up the yarn boxes.  Mostly yarn I got for her and my ball winder, and the yarn we might try to dye while we’re up there.  Which reminds me, I should get my Wilton dyes too…


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