Oh, sweet finishitis, where are you?

If I can get the other computer working, I’ll post here a pic of just the WIP’s that I’m willing to admit to right now.  This is only the ones I’m actually currently working on.

WIP's, June 2009

In no particular order, they are:

David’s sweater, has entered the black hole of ribbing.  I need I think 16 inches or so, and it seems like it keeps measuring 13 or 14.

David's tropical sweater, June 2009

Maureen’s purse, only needs a handle and to be seamed up.  With the lining.  Oh and a button.

Maureen's purse, June 2009

Maureen’s socks.  These have taught me that it doesn’t matter how cool the pattern is, plain black sock yarn is boooooring.

Maureen's socks, June 2009

The slippery socks, pattern from Knitty.com  I was making these for the fair, but I’m frankly stuck at the part where I need to work off of 2 charts at once, and the row counts are different.  I did fine on the first chart repeat, row 1 on chart 1 is row 1 on chart 2.  But when I got to row 25 on chart 1 is row 3 on chart 2, or something like that, my brain just snapped.

Slippery socks, June 2009

Another pair of socks, these are destined for the fair, I believe.  Very cool pattern, very cool yarnRattlesnake Creek, I think.

Rattlesnake Creek socks, June 2009

Another pair of socks, these out of some new yarn I found at HL.  Size 3 needles, so they were going much faster, but I think I may need the needles for a new thing I want to do for my dad’s birthday.  I don’t even have a Ravelry project listed yet on these.  Oops.

HL socks, June 2009

A Berroco suede fringey vest thing for sister in law Dulcie.  No Rav thing on this yet either.  But, it’s odd.  The suede yarn, well, it’s interesting.

Dulcie's vest, June 2009

My Mother’s Day sweater, so named because I got the yarn on Mother’s Day.  The purple cashmere from hubby, and the rose alpaca from the now famous sister of stash room fame.  And they totally didn’t plan that the yarns go together.

Mother's Day sweater, June 2009

A stuffed tooth pillow, for the state fair charity toy giveaway thing.  This one is for the over 3 years old.

The dodecahedron thing, Celestine, also for the state fair charity toy giveaway thing.  This one is for the under 3 years old.

Yet another Amanda/Armando hat.  Out of the Poems yarn I got up in Wheaton, IL.

A tank top sort of thing made out of that corn yarn.

The alpaca lace weight shawl for Maureen.

Crocheted potholder out of the recycled yarn that I was making those Rattlesnake socks out of.  I’m using a diagonal crochet technique that’s very cool looking with this slow color change yarn.

Diagonal Crocheted Potholder, side 1

BSJ, for a college friend who had a baby girl.  She swears that they dress her in bright colors.  She lives in CA, and asked for something for the fall.  I just have to finish seaming up the one shoulder and find some very cool buttons.  I still don’t have a Ravelry page up for this yet either.

Tonia's BSJ, June 2009

Heart hat, from EZ also, made to go with above BSJ.  Also for same baby, and also, no Ravelry page yet.  Dang, I am seriously slacking.  Clue that you may have too many things started?  No time to put up new project pages.

Heart hat, June 2009

Yet another pair of socks, for Steve’s mom.  Yet again, no Ravelry project page.  Wow.  But the pattern is amazing.  The pattern writer actually took the time to reverse the chart for the other sock.  Very nice.  As she says on her pattern, ” The charts are mirror images, which actually isn’t so obvious in the knitted sock. But just knowing I’m wearing symmetrical socks is enough for me! So you can knit mirror imaged socks, or just use one chart for both. ”

Dulcie's Zephyr socks, June 2009

OK, and one last confession to make:  I got a call from the Louisburg Cider Mill that they were saving “some” tomato boxes for me.  This was the back of my minivan.

Oops, June 2009

Know what?  Those places where you see 2 tomato boxes stacked on top of one another?  There’s actually another tomato box secretly inside them.  So, guess who’s planning on a major stash re-organization?  Wanna come over and help me?


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