What I got in the trade

I forgot to even mention these!  My sister gave me a bunch of yarn.  In trade sort of.  When my Hobby Lobby was having a huge $1.99 sale, I got her a bunch of different purples that I thought she’d like.  When her Michaels was having their $1 sale, she bought a bunch of ones that she thought I’d like, and here they are!

Lion Wool, Majestic Mountain2 balls of Lion Wool in Majestic Mountain.  She remembered I like to felt things now and then.  These are terrific boy colors too.   They’d make really warm mittens too.  Hmmm.

Lion Wool, Ocean Blues

This one’s called Ocean Blues.  David had already begged for at least one of them.  I debating.

Lion Wool, Sage

Lion Wool in Sage, also 2 balls.  Have no idea what I’m going to do with this.  Suggestions will be considered.

Patons SWStripes, Natural Green

Patons SWS in the Natural Green.  It’s fascinating to me that not only are these the same colorway, they’re the same dye lot.  Don’t look the same, do they?  Speaking of same dye lot, I forgot again to mention something.  One of those purple yarns I got for her, she thought looked familiar.  She thought perhaps she had bought a few herself.  She went and checked the stash, and sure enough, she had I think 4 balls of it.  I had given her 4 balls.  That made 8 balls, but that’s not all.  They were ALL the same dye lot!  Can you believe that?  I made sure the ones I got her here in Kansas were all the same, and she must have done the same when she got hers up in IL, but to have both of us pick the same dye lot?  I thought that was pretty cool.

Patons SWSolid, Natural RaisinMore Patons SWS, this a solid, in the Natural Raisin color.

Patons Lacette

Any ideas for this too?  8 balls of Patons Lacette for a total of 1880 yards of fingering.  I thinking a sort of lacy looking sweater perhaps?


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