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Some long overdue pictures

Head Dunk, June 2009

This was some political thing we went to on a day when it was right around 187 degrees outside. We went through 2 water bottles a piece, plus a gatorade each, plus I don’t know how many little bottles of Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper and root beer. Luckily, it was at a cool farm thing, and they had this trough there. The boys asked first, and I thought why not? I’d sure dunk my head if I thought I could get away with it. Patrick opted out, as you see.

Apres dunk, June 2009This is apres dunk, and as you can see, they switched places to further confuse their mother.

Setting up the tent things at Po-Po's, July 2009This is my sister and her hubby setting up some tent toy thing she got for the boys. It’s over at my dad’s house, or rather, in his yard.

Tent part 2 at Po-Po's, July 2009This is after the tent thing is a little more set up. Also in the foreground, please take note of Russell’s apparent Superman impression. Or something.

Dad on the Zephyr 9900, July 2009Here’s the birthday boy, a few days after the birthday. We went to the museum that day, and Dad talked the train guy into giving us the tour of the #9900 Zephyr even though the tour times had been over for 2 hours. The tour guy was very nice, and even asked Dad several times if what he was saying was correct, or if Dad had anything to add. Don’t know if I ever mentioned it before, but my Dad’s a train man. He worked for the Burlington Route, then it became Burlington Northern, and when they merged with Santa Fe, the year after my mom died, all of the non-union people were, let’s say, encouraged to take early retirement. So, Dad looses his wife, and the next year his lively-hood along with over 60% of his pension and retirement. But, he still loves trains. There’s quite a history with this #9900 one, if you’re interested in googling it. It was the first one of it’s kind. The museum had it set up on some hydraulic things, and it rocked back and forth as though it was moving. My sister and I almost fell asleep.

Dad and the boys and the Pioneer Zephyr, July 2009Here’s Dad and the boys right in front. I waited until my sister took her picture, and managed to get no one looking at me when I finally took the picture. Great.

Diagonal Potholder, front, July 2009And now, some knitting! Well, actually crocheting. This is the front of the diagonal potholder I did with the Jojoland Melody. Pretty, no?

Diagonal potholder, back, July 2009

And here’s the back. I love love this yarn.

What else? Oh yes, the black sock of doom…

Maureen's sock #1 completed, July 2009Proof that the first one is done. If you look closely, you can even see that the first safety pin is missing from the foot part. That’s because the second sock had progressed to past the 10 row point. That’s 10 rows after the short row toe, my friends. I swear, it’ll get done this year.

Zephyr socks for Dulcie, July 2009Here’s the last pair of socks for Steve’s mom. They’re in the Frog Prince colorway of Knitpicks Imagination yarn. The pattern is called Zephyr. It’s fantastic.

Zephyr socks, close-up, July 2009Here’s the close up with Patrick’s hand inside to show how the pattern will look on the foot.

Phew, now I’m exhausted.


A teaser to hold you off for a while

Dad's 69th Birthday

This is all I have right now. It’s the beer sweater I did for my dad. I was having challenges uploading the rest of the pictures, as my oldest decided first to nap in the computer room (it is darker in there), and then after throwing up due to dehydration and possibly over-exhaustion, slept the night in there. It makes it awfully hard to sneak in there after the kids are in bed to use the computer if the kids are in bed IN the computer room.

More tomorrow. Unless someone else pukes. No guarantees.

Yes, I am still alive

I’ve just been super busy, and mostly with nothing that I’d think would be blog-able.  Is that a word?  We’ll see if spell-check thinks so.

I went to my sister’s with the boys for a week, and had a great time celebrating my dad’s 69th birthday.  It rained the whole day, and there were 3 kids and 6 adults (sort of) stuffed into a teeny house playing games and watching cartoons and eating finger food that we had planned for a super hot day.  Veges and dip, fruit and cool-whip/pudding dip, and DQ ice cream cakes.  Yeah, it was great.  More on that later though, when I get the picture of what I made my dad uploaded.

Kristi and I didn’t do much as far as yarn shopping goes, but we did manage to sneak away for a quick trip to Wo0l and Company and a cheeseburger at Portillo’s.    She showed me her progress on a Grandpa 60 hat that I had helped her start on the last time I was there, and I showed her how to do k2tog and ssk and yo.  At some point, perhaps I’ll show her binding off.  When she asks, I guess.

Now we’re back home and I have lots to clean up and laundry to catch up on (I don’t think hubby did any the whole time I was gone!  He’s pretty much out of underwear!), and I’m trying to hang it outside to dry, but it keeps sprinkling.  Plus, the grass really needs cutting.

Oh, and on that trip to IL, I forgot to mention that we went to the IL MOSI to see the Harry Potter exhibit, among other things.  David was so cute.  He knew that our tickets for the HP thing were at 12:30, but couldn’t figure out why we were there at 9:30.  What on earth were we going to do for the next 3 hours?  I think he honestly thought there’d be nothing else there to see.  Bless his heart.

More on all that tomorrow, plus pictures of the socks I finished for Steve’s mom, and the diagonal crocheted potholder I finished, and the one sock that I thought I’d never finish for hubby’s sister Maureen.  Now only one more black sock to go.

I think that’s it.  Did I forget anything?  Probably.


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