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I’m getting spoiled

This Kansas weather has been so very nice!  We’ve kept the windows open, and even some nights I wake up shivering and have to close them; it’s like September here and I’m loving it.

What I’m not loving, however, is 2 things.

1.  The ragweed and mold count according to Fox news are high.  Very high.  So high, in fact, that I’ve given up and taken 3 benadryl already.  One yesterday, one last night when I couldn’t sleep because of the congestion/sneezing/itchy throat, and one this morning before going out to cut the grass.  The yard finally dried out enough from the almost daily deluges we’ve been getting since getting back from vacation for me to cut the grass.  I’m not thrilled about that, let me tell you.  Even if my allergies aren’t bothering me, cutting them grass really activates them.

Before you go all ” you should see a Dr and get a Rx ” on me; know this.  I normally have to take some sort  of allergy medication 2 or 3 times a year.  When I cut the grass, I usually don’t, because it’s only for one day, and I can handle blowing my nose and wanting to rub my toothbrush on the inside of my eyelids for 24 hours.  Normally by the next day or 2, I’m back to normal again.  But, when I’m already miserable, and then I have to cut the grass, well, dang.  I think someone better get me a cherry limeade.

Back to the countdown and #2.  Those Rattlesnake Creek socks that I was working on for the fair are not to be.  I love the pattern, the yarn is so cool how it changes color and all that, but first off, this is the second time I’ve started the dang sock.  I don’t even remember why I had to start it over, honestly.  I’d have to go back and research that.  But, the other night, I realized that I was only about an inch or so away from the toe and I stopped knitting to admire my work, the way the cables all swirled around and it looked pretty.  Until I saw it.  There, about an inch or so from the cuff, was a mis-crossed cable.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the way the pattern goes, there’s 3 cables in a set, so it goes: loop, loop, loop, then those 2 areas split up and one joins with the area next to it, and those 2 loop, loop, loop, and then back again.  So, one of my sets goes loop, loop, OOPS!!!  I was so frustrated.

The socks are in time out, and luckily on the state fair app, I only put down “cabled socks”, so I remembered that I had those Slippery’s still unfinished.  Since they’re cabled too, they’re being subbed.   Both socks  are done up to and including the heel, so I only have to do both legs.  Using 2 different cabling charts, with 2 different repeat numbers; one’s a 24 row repeat and the other’s a 20 row repeat.  We’ll see how that works out.

More later…the yard is calling.  Well, the yarn too, but I’m trying not to listen to that one.


How do you know it’s time?

Know how I know it’s time to update my blog? Cause I can’t remember when the last time I wrote was. Sad, I know.

I’ve had a severe case of blogstipation, to quote someone else I read recently. I hear it’s been going around though, so I’m not real worried.

Here in a nutshell is what’s been happening:

Took the boys to IL for a week to visit my sister and Dad, and brother showed up a bit too. I may have already written about this, since it was for my dad’s birthday, and I’m fairly certain that I posted a pic of his beer sweater.

Got back from that, unpacked, did laundry, and began preparing for the family vacation and the first day of school, which was going to occur the day after our return from said family vacation. What fun!

I had the boys all pick out what clothes they wanted to wear for their first day, and we laid them out on the fireplace stoop thing. I’m a big believer in not making my kids dress up for pictures or first day or little things like that. I let them pick out what is their favorite thing. I figure it’ll have way more meaning for them looking at their school pictures years from now and remembering that that was their favorite shirt that year, like I still do with that brown dress I wore for my 3rd grade picture.

We also bought almost all of their school supplies ( I didn’t buy 36 spiral notebooks, they only need one or two on the first day anyway. I’ll get them more as they need it, good grief!) , and we loaded up their backpacks, and put them on the fireplace as well.

Once that was done, I could begin the real packing. I didn’t want to be getting home at 7 or 8 at night, and then be asking them what they wanted to wear for their first day and be digging through several suitcases of dirty clothes to find those black shorts with the skinny stripe. Plus, since we were going to Yellowstone and then on to British Columbia, Canada, I thought to check the weater up there, and turns out it was supposed to be slightly chilly. So, we brought some pants and a couple long sleeves as well, and jackets.

I don’t know why I even brought so much yarny stuff, as I really didn’t get hardly anything done the entire time! I was having some motion sickness in the car, which I get from time to time, and that prevented me from really doing anything at all during the massive drive times we had. No worries though, it wasn’t the throwing up kind, just the headache and feeling a little icky stuff. Nothing that a few Tums and a couple naps a day didn’t take care of.

Yellowstone was very nice, but so dang expensive. We went to this one walk up burger place that had a long line in front of it every night we were there, and ended up spending about $45 on 5 meals. The problem was that the hotel we wanted to get, the one with a kitchen in it so that we could have brought a stock of food to fix, was completely booked, so we ended up staying in a place that barely had a working fridge in the room. All 3 of the boys worked hard those couple of days, and they earned their junior ranger patch, all of which are still in my purse waiting to see what they want done with them. The kids had the most fun, I think, with the free checklist thing that the Ranger at the gate had given them. It had pictures of all the animals and birds that could be spotted in the park, and then when the boys saw them, they checked them off. The bison jam’s always a big hit as well. I have pictures, but hubby downloaded them onto his computer, so I’ll have to transfer them over or something, or else borrow his computer to load them onto here. Either way, a bit of a pain, but I’ll try to figure out something in the next week or so.

In BC, we stayed at a beautiful resort, with a full kitchen, and saw deer pretty much every morning and/or evening. It’s really a ski resort, but in the summer they let mountain bikes up there on the ski lifts. Turns out that on our last day there, it was the start of the major Canadian mountain bike race, and they started it at the resort. I guess it lasts several days, and they started at the resort, and rode off, and then they just have to make it to the next stop that day, where there’s other hotels or whatever, and then they start off from there to the next one and it goes on and on.

We also hiked up (up and up and up, it felt like straight up) to a waterfall that the boys took great fun in drinking from. We also managed to find those hot springs we swam in last time, and the boys had even more fun this time than before. We went out and picked wild raspberries and then mixed them with a little sugar and made sauce for our ice cream while Daddy was out golfing. We stopped at this one place in Banff National Forest/Park (Numa Falls) to skip rocks, and Russ finally got the hang of it.

The best part of all though, was during one of the drives, when Russ wanted to play with something of Patrick’s. Patrick was trying to explain to Russ that it was almost falling apart, and that he’d let him play with it, but he really didn’t want it destroyed.

Patrick: “I’ll let you play with it, but do you promise not to destroy it?”

Russell: “I don’t know if I can do that.”

Finally, he’s beginning to understand his own power.


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