Details of the Forked Heel

Alrighty then, here’s pretty much exactly what I did; from toe onwards:

I’m using size 2 needles, with Knitpicks Felici in Schooner.   It’s a little loose; I think I prefer 1’s with this yarn, but they’re all being used on other wips right now that I either don’t want to finish or don’t want to rip out the needles from.  So, 2’s it is.

I started with a crochet provisional cast on of 30.  I short-rowed down to 12, and back up to 30 again and joined up with the front and proceeded to knit 51 rows.  The pattern calls for a multiple of 8 st, so I knew I’d need 64 after the heel, so I thought I’d increase beforehand.

On R.52, I did an increase of 2 on each needle for the back side, making a total of 32 st on the heel portion.  I increased by lifting up the bar between the st and knitting into the back of it.  The front stitches remained at 30.

R. 53, I knit plain.

R. 54, I increased again, this time on the front needles, leaving me with 15 st on every needle.

R. 55, I knit plain.

R. 56, I began the heel.  I short rowed on the back 32 st only, short rowing down to where I had 8 pairs of st on either side of the plain knitted part.  I short-rowed (long-rowed?) back up to where I had 4 pairs total, including one extra YO in there, and then short-rowed back down to 8 pairs again.  On the way back up, I picked up that extra YO and treated it as the others, making my K3tog into a K4og, and the same on the purl row.

After finishing the short rowing, I did a few more rows of plain stockinette, at the same time, I picked up a st at the joining of the front and back sides, twisted it, and did a K2tog on a couple of different rows to help reduce what was becoming a horrible ladder due to the long duration of short rowing.

R. 61 I started the pattern st, so that 61 was my first purl row.  So far it’s looking really cool, but I can’t post pictures yet as we still haven’t managed to locate the camera cord thing.

Cool, huh?


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