Guess who found the camera cord?

No, it actually wasn’t me.  Believe it or not.

Here’s some of the FO’s I’ve been waiting forever to showcase.  First off, the amazing bag my sister crocheted me for my birthday.  I picked out the greens, and she picked out the pattern.  Know what the cool thing is?  According to the pattern, the end round was a plain one, and she thought that looked awful, so she finagled a new end round that went more with the pattern.  Lovely no?

Birthday Bag from Kristi

Here’s a close up of the square:

Birthday Bag close-up I love it.  It’s way bigger than my little project that I squeeze into my purse for waiting in lines, but smaller than my big Disney yarn bag, so it’s perfect for those times I want to have a project with me but it won’t fit in my purse.

What’s next?  I’ll go in order of the pictures I have loaded.  First up is the final finished product!  I present the Baby Surprise Jacket with matching heart hat for a college friend:

BSJ set - finished at last!Believe it or not, this was actually knitted all up several months ago and it took me forever to seam it up and even longer than that to sew on the dang buttons.  Here’s a close up of the adorable little things that I still can’t believe I found at Wal-mart!

BSJ buttons, close up

Are those not the most cutest ever?  And they match the yarn!

Next up some hats that I started on vacation in Canada:

Patrick's hat, fall 2009This is the Gingerbread Hat that Patrick picked out, in orange of course.  It did turn out rather cute, but I probably should have made it a little longer.  It barely covers his ears.

David's hat, fall 2009That one doesn’t show up real well, but it’s the Trilobite hat from Knitty.  Very cool pattern and a quite easy knit.

Here’s another one from the side:

Trilobite hat, from the sideWell, that one doesn’t show up real well either, but trust me, it’s an adorable hat, as far as trilobites can be adorable.

An update on David’s sweater as well:

David's sweater collarI’m still on the never-ending black hole of ribbing that’s the body of this thing.  I decided that I was not motivated enough to keep going with that, so I went ahead and did the collar.  It turned out too loose the first time, so I actually re-did it on size 4’s and it looks much nicer.  Now to make sure I remember that for the sleeves…

Now for a couple more things that don’t even have project pages yet, but hopefully I’ll get to them tonight.

First off, the Circle socks:

Mother's Day socks

Remember that forked heel?  I did it!

Circle socks, forked heel

Here’s a diagonal scarf that turned out cute:

Diagonal scarf

Here’s the fair sock from hell:

Sock mess up #2

I’ll perhaps go in for a close up when the sock comes out of time out.  There’s a miscrossed cable up there near the top that is really irritating.

Poems Fake isle hat

This hat’s done already but this is the in progress shot.  I’ll have to go in later on and update the link when I the project pages up.

Whew, I’m exhausted now.  Think perhaps I’ll go knit…


2 Responses to “Guess who found the camera cord?”

  1. 1 Meredith September 15, 2009 at 6:50 am

    The heart hat and BSJ are adorable!

    I was going to ask about the yarn for the fake isle hat, but then I realized I could look on ravelry. (Clearly, I haven’t had enough caffeine, yet, since I got so far as typing the question.) Can’t wait to see it finished!

  2. 2 silfert September 15, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    I’m digging the scarf, and too lazy/technologically impaired to check Ravelry. What’s the yarn?

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