Happy Fall!

I know, I’m a couple days late. And I don’t even have pictures loaded up to share either.

My dad is visiting, and we’re having more fun that I thought possible. He caught son #2’s cold and cough, and now my dad’s pretty miserable.

I finished up that fake isle hat, and even took a picture, but Dad’s staying in the spare bedroom where the other computer lives, and that’s the one I’d need to hook up the camera too. I don’t think about it during the day, only at night after he’s gone to bed.

I even finished up the black socks for Maureen, AND mailed them off! The picture’s on the camera too, so when I remember to, I’ll get that loaded on here as well.

I’ve been spending lots of time on David’s sweater, and I’m happy to report that after only 1 re-knit, the first sleeve is done! I’m about 3 or 4 inches in on sleeve #2. Then I’ll go back to the black hole of ribbing for the body. I don’t even remember if I took a picture of the sleeve.

I think that may sum it up for right now. I may have some exciting news to report, but it’ll have to wait a few weeks. Reminds me of an old joke my mom used to tell: Know how to keep an idiot in suspense? I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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