I wonder if they have a treatment center

I heard on the news the other day that they now have a treatment center for people addicted to gaming and the internet. While I wonder if that is a “addiction” like and alcohol, I also wonder about myself.

I may be addicted to any one or more of the following: knitting, crocheting, Ravelry, starting new projects,researching new projects, researching new yarns, using Ravelry to attempt a matching between yarns and projects prior to starting, and yarn in general.

Case in point: I’m in the process of adding some new pictures to my projects page when I happen across some of my older projects. That reminds me that I still have that Patons SWS stripey stuff in 2 coordinating colors, 3 balls each that I’m saving for a entrelac pillow. My plan is to do one side in one color and the other side in the other color. Then perhaps get a foam cushion or a pillow form and attempt a zipper closure. That’s parts still open for discussion. Any way, I remember that I had already looked at several of the Danica FO’s trying to count the # of squares and triangles (since I didn’t on the one I did) to see just how I need to make the square. I found out on one of my notes that indeed I did. So, I’m tempted to get started on that. But I don’t remember what size needle I used. I decide to go deep into my projects and look up the needle size I used for my Danica.

Then I look over in the bin where the yarn is; I don’t even open the bin, and staring at me from there is this lovely mossy green alpaca that a friend gave me. I had previously used it for a fantastic pair of fingerless mitts that I gave to the lady who cuts all our hair. I still have enough left to probably make me a pair of socks or fingerless mitts. Then I remember the pattern that same friend gave me for these neat socks. So, I think that would be cool; to use the yarn she gave me and the pattern she gave me to make a cool pair of socks. Then I think, wait, I probably need my size 1’s or 1 1/2’s to make the socks, and I think that all of those are currently being used in some other projects.

So, I either gently remove the needles from whatever they’re being used for to cast on yet another new thing, or I just scold myself and convince myself to finish one of the things I already have going.

Nevermind. I just checked my notes on the fingerless mitts, and I used a size 2. Thanks to finishing up those socks for Maureen, I have those available. Whew!

See why I need a treatment center?  By the way, the new fingerless mitts are coming along rather nice.


1 Response to “I wonder if they have a treatment center”

  1. 1 silfert October 5, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Sounds perfectly normal to me…

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