I found the end of the black hole

Honestly, it went so far that I didn’t think I’d ever get done.  But, finally it did.  Then it was just 16 or so rounds of the green and that was it.  Doesn’t show on this picture, but there’s green at the bottom of the body.  I made it a little long, so it’ll fit him better and longer.  Right now, he has to sort of tuck/roll it in at the bottom.

David's Tropical sweater, finished!

Isn’t that look on his face just precious?  He really was thrilled to see it finally completed,and loved putting it on, and had a big grin on his face until I asked if I could take a picture.

He sort of doesn’t like getting his picture taken.  Case in point #2:

David, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill FestivalAnd #3:

David hiding from camera, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill Festival Those were taken Sunday afternoon over at the Louisburg Cider Mill Festival.  On the other hand, here’s the other 2 boys hamming it up:

Patrick, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill FestivalPatrick sitting on a pumpkin.  I’m thinking it might not have been too comfy.

Here he is doing a Saturday Night Fever channeling thing:

Patrick's SNF impression, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill FestivalThat’s a cider slushy he’s holding.  Very much yum.

And so there’s equal play, here’s 2 of Russ, one showing his personality a little better than the other.  See if you can spot it:

Russ clamoring over the pumpkins, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill FestivalAnd:

Russ, 2009 Louisburg Cider Mill Festival

That’s my boys.

Oh, almost forgot, back to the sweater that never ended, here’s a closer up picture of the cabling down the sleeve.

David's Tropical Sweater sleeve

And a little picture of the Grandpa 60 slippers I whipped out for Patrick last week.  I crocheted these and while they turned out smaller than I thought, he still loved them.  Now Russ wants a new pair too.

Quickie slippers for Patrick

Those fingerless mitts are coming right along too.  I’m already down to the ribbing on the wrist.  I decided to do these upside down from the directions.  I wasn’t sure if I had enough yarn leftover from the last pair, so I thought if I reversed the chart and did it that way, I could make the wrist part as long as I had yarn left.  I cast on the amount for the thumb and did a few rows of ribbing, then put those on a spare pair of needles and started the top of  the hand.  When it got to where I would have otherwise stopped doing the thumb, that’s where I added it on.  So, I did decreases for the thumb gusset instead of increasing.  It worked out very well and easier to figure out than I thought.  I still have no idea who I’m giving these too when they’re done.  I suppose it’ll come to me.

Serpentine Mitts part 2They look a little scrunched right now, but trust me,they look better on.


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