I wanted to post a few little hints about the new project I’m working on.  And to tell you something funny.  First the hints:

I’m right about halfway done.

It’s a collaborative project, meaning that someone helped me get it started, but I’m doing most of the work now.

I can’t post a picture right now.

Sorry, that’s all the hints I can give for now.

On a funny note though, remember the entrelac scarf my sister wanted to try?  She went to knitting night with me on Friday and I got her pretty much squared away.  She had already completed the 2 base triangles, and the row where there’s a side triangle, a center square, and another side triangle.  Friday night I showed her how to do the first square of the row with the 2 squares, knowing that all she’d have to do then was to do another square like she did the first, then go back to the triangle/square/triangle section.

Well, my phone rings Sunday night, after I had already tucked the boys in.  I answer to hear a little voice say,” Hello?  Is this the entrelac hotline?”  She just couldn’t quite remember how to pick up the stitches to get the second square started, whether she was supposed to go in from front to back or from back to front.  I got her all situated though, and she’s on her way.  I’m pretty impressed that she wanted to try entrelac.   It’s going to turn out so nice.

Slight clarification on the hints – it’s not the entrelac scarf.


1 Response to “Hint”

  1. 1 Donna October 20, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    I spotted your comment on the Yarn Harlot’s blog a week ago. I’m loving the suspense.
    Sending good vibes from next door in Colorado.

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