One last hint, and some pictures

OK, so I’m saving the hint for last, tease that I am, but let’s start off with some pic’s of what I’ve been working on:

Ribbed Seed Stitch Washcloth

A nice simple ribbed seed stitch washrag.  Patrick christened it tonight in the bath.

Felted Slippers, both

These were so much fun.  My lovely sister gave me 2 skeins of Patons SWS that she got on a clearance, knowing how I loved them.  Well, 2 skeins was not a good number really.  One skein, I could have made a hat, or mittens, or a couple potholders.  3 skeins would have made a scarf or something like that.  But 2?  What could I do with 2?  Ravelry pattern search to the rescue.  Came up with a cool slipper pattern that even included felting!

Felted Slippers, single

David saw mine and quite politely requested some for him as well.  Thankfully my lovely sister again had already furnished me with some Lion Wool in a blue and turquoise color that David loves.  I think that one skein will not be enough, so I’m striping it with something else.  Not sure what yet.

Lace Bookmark

This was a quickie I kicked out the other night.  It’s a lace sampler bookmark.  It was fun, but the yarn is pretty floppy.  I may have to starch it or something.  Probably not the best choice of yarn to use for this project, but it’s still cute.  I lucked out in that mostly the color change coincided with the pattern changes.

Kristi's Horcrux Socks

There’s a story and a half with these socks.  I’ll give you the short version.  I won the yarn in a sock contest.  It’s orange and purple striped, which happened to be my sister’s favorite color when she was a kid.  I tried to make them the Nutkins.  They didn’t work.  We’re not going there.  They went into time out for a looooong time.  Then I tried another pattern, which also didn’t work.  I don’t even remember what that one was.  I knew I needed to find something that was around 70 st around.  I looked at all my patterns and couldn’t come up with anything that I thought my sister would like and that would look good with this yarn.

Then I remembered that I had done David’s Horcrux socks with 70 st around.  Phew.  I cast on and finished one sock before she came down the other week.  I was so gun shy from the other disasters that I didn’t even cut the yarn off.  I went ahead and told her the short story and she tried on the sock and it fit.  So, now I can forge on with confidence on sock #2.

Top down serpentine mitts, one down

One whole mitt from the top down Serpentine mitts is done.  I think I may have figured out who they’re going to belong too, but I’m not going to say yet.

Ok, ready for the last hint?  Thanks to a knitting buddy for this one.  The new project?  It’s one of those heirloom things.  Guesses anyone?


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