What’s wrong here?

Subtitled: “Why I shouldn’t knit before 8:00 am”


See, it all started so innocently.  I had been working on these mittens for Patrick the day before.  I almost finished them.  All that was left was to pick up the stitches on the last thumb and knit up a few rows, and then to seam them both up.


I got everyone ready for school, lunches packed, breakfasts eaten (mostly), Vitamin C’s chewed, tennies tied, hoodies on, bookbags over heads and shoulders, and had the youngest 2 out the door right on time to catch the bus.  Now that the leaves have all fallen off the trees in our front yard, I can sit on my bed and look out my window at their bus stop to make sure they don’t do anything too awful while they’re waiting.


I was sitting there watching them and thought, hey, I bet I could whip out that thumb real quick while I’m waiting here,then get started on my regular morning chores.  I picked up the mittens, the ball of yarn, my size 6’s, and promptly did this:

Mitten oops

Can you spot what I did wrong?

Honestly, at this point, I’m just glad I didn’t finish up the thumb.  Maybe I’ll pick these back up after I’ve loaded the dishwasher and folded some clothes.  That’ll teach me to try to sneak in knitting, huh?


1 Response to “What’s wrong here?”

  1. 1 silfert November 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Can’t get into trouble with your mittens knitted together. An ingenious precautionary measure.

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