Even more FO’s!

See why we’re having another kid?  We make such adorable kids, really.  This is Patrick’s new star hat.  Pattern’s here, and it was a great pattern.  Patrick loves it.

Here’s the view from the back side:

And here’s the mittens I made to go with them.  Same yarn, pattern from a book that I don’t know where it is right now.

And yes, he’s in a nightshirt.  He is wearing underwear though.


This weekend, in spite of a last minute drive to TX,  I managed to finish also the matching baby hat for my BSJ and the hat I’m making for my brother.  I’ll get those pictures up later on, along with some adorable pics of the boys and their cousin making cookies and ornaments.

Well, the baby hat’s almost done.  I just have to attach some chains for ties or something.


Also, a question: Why does the wheat chex come in such a teeny box compared to the corn and rice chex?  I can always get 2 batches of homemade chex mix out of one box of each, but then I have leftover rice and corn.  Then I think, I can make one more batch if I just get another box of the wheat.  But then, I run out of the corn and rice, and the cycle begins anew.


I bet it’s the same people who make hot dogs in 10 packs and hot dog buns in 8 packs.


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