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Name that caption

Wanna play a game?  Guess what these are.  I’ll give you a freebie: this first one is Christmas Eve.  Or as I like to call it “Sing it, Bing.”

Here’s #2:

Here’s #3:

Here’s #4:

And lastly #5:

Oh, and no fair copying my titles either.  You have to come up with witty ones of your own.

In the mean time, I have to figure out how to upload the pics I took using hubby’s new camera of his fantastic shin injury.  Explanation will follow.


And now back to our regularly scheduled programing

Well, I’m actually going to start at the end.  Trust me, this story is worth it.

But first, a teeny back-story: we got a lot of snow on Christmas Day.  The weatherman says we got 7 inches.  I think he lied.  I know we got some 4 foot drifts, and I’d be more likely to say that all in all, we got around 12 inches total on Christmas Eve and Day.  We really didn’t expect to see a plow come through on Saturday, the 26th.  We were hoping to see one on Sunday, the 27th, but were sadly disappointed.  I was hoping to be awakened by one this morning, but again, no luck.  The plow finally came through around 11 this morning, and pushed a big mound from the cul-de-sac right into our front yard, slightly messing up the slide the kids had made.  That was easily repaired post-haste.

The second pass of the plow came about 2 hours later.  He got stuck.

The snow plow.  Got.  Stuck.

3 times.

Twice in the same spot.

It was one of those big plows, that look like a dump truck with a plow attached on the front.  A pick up truck sized plow had to come and push him out the first 2 times.  He managed to get out by himself the 3rd time.

David said that I should have video-taped it and put it on you-tube.

I said that perhaps the snow plow folks should have plowed earlier instead of waiting for 3 days letting the ice and snow pile up on the street.

Tune in tomorrow to hear the story of sledding yesterday.  It involves 3 injuries (no 911 calls though), 2 bags of ice, several crying bouts, and a trip to the pizza buffet.  And pictures.

Why I love my husband today

After that cookie baking last night, Patrick thinks it’d be better if I drive him to school instead of him trying to wrangle the cookie tin on the bus.  I agree.

After making sure they’re dressed and eating breakfast, I go upstairs to get something on that’s halfways presentable for me to drive them to school. I verify with Patrick that I can just drop him off at the door, since if I had to actually walk into the school it would require a bit more of a thought process as to finding appropriate clothing.   Patrick says that a front door drop off is perfectly acceptable.

I grab my navy blue maternity leggings that are capri length.  I know, it’s 8 degrees out, but I don’t have to get out of the car, remember?  I look for a long sleeved maternity top, but the only one clean is my new sweater, and I’m sort of saving that for good.  Like not driving the kids to school stuff.  So, I grab my old navy blue turtleneck out of the closet, and say a prayer of thanks that it’s so old and stretched out that it still fits over my baby belly.  I don’t even care about the bleach stains on the one sleeve.  I am wearing short socks, in white.  Got that mental image?

I kiss hubby bye and tell him I’ll be right back.  He asks if I’m going somewhere afterwards.  I say no, why?  He says he thought maybe I was since I was dressed up.

Old stretched out non-maternity turtleneck and capri maternity leggings now is apparently my “dressed up”.

Kind of makes you wonder what I wear every other day, doesn’t it?

Knitting and baking like mad

And I can’t really post pictures yet either.  In what’s either one of the smartest things I’ve done or the opposite, I figured out at some point how to automatically make my blog posts here appear on my facebook page.  Which was partially a good move – now I don’t have to say things twice.  But also partially now a not so good move, as people I’m making things for are on there, and I don’t know how much of my stuff they read.

So, then, I finished the ****** for my brother a while back.  Over the weekend, I finished the ****** for my sister’s hubby and also the ******* for my brother’s fiance.  I really only have to finish the ******* for my sister, but there’s more things I’d really really like to finish.  I have a ******* that I think might be for my sister, or it might be for brother’s fiance, I have to see it when it’s done and decide who it’d look better on.  I haven’t made anything for my boys, and although they don’t exactly need anything (except Russ who needs some new mittens), I still feel guilty that they don’t have a handmade gift to open up.  My sister’s coming a few days before though, and she’d bringing some nasty colored fun fur yarn, so I can try to whip out a couple of crocheted Pygmy Puffs.

Also the baking has begun, but it’s not even for us at this point.  Tonight Patrick and I are making some m & m ch chip cookies for a thing he’s doing at school where they’re selling goods and services.  I’m frankly grateful that he chose a good that we’re good at. (snort)

The boys all have their school “Winter” parties on Thursday, and I only signed up to bring a treat for 2 of them, and they both want brownies!  The oldest boy requested a pan (“I can cut them myself, Mom”), for which I bought chocolate frosting and peppermint kisses to decorate.  The middle boy requested those mini cupcake things, upon which I will make  a blob of green frosting that, God willing, will look like a little Christmas tree in a brown pot.  Not sure of decorations at this point.  I’ll check my sprinkles.

Thing is, David’s got a church party on Wed night, so he’ll have to make sure he gets the decorating of his brownie done before he leaves.  Which means I’ll have to bake them on Tuesday.  Thursday we’re going caroling with a group from church, and it’s also the last day of school.  I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it.  Not because I’ll have the boys home all day, more because it means I really need to speed up the knitting.

More pics from Thanksgiving

Ok then, the rest of Thanksgiving over at Aunt Deb’s was mostly consumed by kids playing, and cookie making, and ornament making.  Oh, and the pregnant ladies took a few naps.  Cause we could.

Here’s the first ornament Patrick finished:

And here’s Cousin Abby gluing every sparkly thing she could find on a little Christmas tree ornament:

And  here’s Russell’s:

Oh, and look, there’s even a little knitting:

Anyone remember the Wonder Twins?  Remember how they’d always do that fist bump thing and say “Wonder Twin powers: Activate!”?  That’s how we announce the cat, who lives with Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil.

“Laser eyes: Activate!”

Name that tune, anyone?

Second verse, same as the first:

And now, in stereo!:

All together now:  Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Cookies at Aunt Deb’s and more!

These are my 2 youngest making some amazingly yummy peanut butter chocolate cookies.  The recipe’s from a cookie cookbook my sister got me for Christmas last year.

Basically you make chocolate dough and peanut butter dough and then you flatten out the chocolate and wrap it around the pb, as demonstrated here by Russell.  That’s cousin Abby there turned around.

There’s a much better pic of cousin Abby.  If you look close, you can see near the bottom there that she’s about to wrap the chocolate around the pb.  Then you bake them and try to wait for them to cool off for a minute before snarfing them down.

Even Daddy and Aunt Dulcie got into the act.  I think Abby’s telling them the right way to do it.   They had to share a tray.

Oh, forgot to mention that sometimes we sort of smush them down a bit.  I think you’re supposed to do it with the bottom of a glass dipped in sugar, but Patrick found that a hand works quite well, and is also WAY more fun.

Russell has to make sure his are all perfect spheres first.  Notice how we label the water bottle lids to keep everyone straight.  We use first initials: D, P, R, M, etc.  Daddy uses the liter ones so his are different.  Our system worked real well until we stayed with Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil.  Yeah, one more D and one more P.  Not sure what they did.  Probably kept their bottles way away from the boys.

One last cookie picture, of Abby demonstrating the proper smushing technique.  She really has quite a natural talent.

Ok then, anyone wanna guess what we did today?

Pictures of ornament making and possibly even knitting will resume shortly…


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